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I’d like to believe we all have a purpose in life. While our physical being is on this earth, we manifest goals, meet loved ones, and try to live through life until we die. I know that last part sounded a bit dissonant, but it’s reality. When people die, we hear the term “celebration of life” and “memorial service” for those who aren’t with us anymore in body – and in those moments is when we really show our love and gratitude towards whatever relationship we had with that person. Here are some words through my feelings for the blogger sensation, Kyrzayda Rodriguez.

My memory isn’t always the best, but I can assure you I never forget my first encounter with every single person I know in some form or fashion. Like most of us, I didn’t know Kyrzayda personally, however the first time I got a glimpse into her world was when I witnessed her au natural, glided pose in all its glory. She seemed to master this step and stride like she owned the sidewalk and it was her runway. Kyrzayda’s beautiful persona shined so radiant, that I had to hit the follow button. And believe me, if i didn’t, she would’ve constantly popped up on my explore page anyway due to just about every girl who was into fashion following her already. From there on, I could never dislike any of her outfit choices because she was damn near perfect.


After enjoying her personal style, I started to follow her on snapchat. This is where I learned she was into fitness, she was a sassy and authentic latina (Dominican) and she lived in Jersey. Her voice was so cute and spicy, and she was always full of life and joy! As I’m writing this, I am catching serious feels because unfortunately she is no longer with us in that sense. It hurts me to know that I will never see her speak on her new fashion dibs, and her beloved family, her favorite beauty products and shoes, and whatever else made her feel motivated. Rodriguez died of stomach cancer on September 9, 2018 after battling the illness for about a year. Days before her death, I painfully watched her Instagram Live video where she wanted to thank us all for her support and love. I was in tears because I just knew this wasn’t going to be good.

In life, you never know how much someone can impact your soul and spirit until you see that person suffer and possibly lose their life. Not only was Kyrzayda a fashion stylist/blogger, but she was a beam of light to many of us. She never, ever let her cancer stop her from doing what she loved. We never saw the bad side of this illness, and this personally moved me in so many ways I can’t even count. I won’t lie and say I will never complain again, but I know that blessings and words of motivation and encouragement can be the sole purpose of why we should smile, and live life to the fullest. Being positive and optimistic can really manifest in ways we could never understand. Her positivity has been passed on to me – and from her outpouring support, I can tell it has done the same for thousands of women and men. Kyrzayda had one of the BEST haircuts, and when she lost her hair, and still rocked everything with confidence, it made me intensely appreciate life and even the little things. That is really just one take away from all of this.


Life is precious, and I never want to take it for granted. As a blogger, I want to continue the fight for her. I want to continue doing what I love because tomorrow isn’t promised. 40 years old is too young to die, and I know she wanted to live to see another fashion show, to take more pics, to spend more time with her daughter and family, and now she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Her words of motivation were ” Don’t wait for another day or another hour or another time. Go and do it now.” I have to make a promise to myself to constantly read these words, and because her story and death affected me so hard, I had no choice but to write a few words for her.

I hope you guys can take something away from this post. If there is something you want to do, don’t wait! Just go for it and if you fail at it the first time, it is OKAY. Never give up!

God bless her family and friends who lost a real one. I’m so sorry for your loss.



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