Why I Attended the Women’s March on Washington


After this last Presidential election, it certainly shook the nation causing riots, protests, disgust and more importantly a wake up call for many. Particularly women who felt bewildered by a downgrade in leadership and democracy coming from a man who was caught on tape soundly and disgustingly speaking about grabbing a woman’s genital parts aka pussy owing to simply who he is. In addition to the circus show during his campaign, Mr. Trump had already not been favorable amongst the sensible people. People of color, minorities, women, and religious groups stood up for an Anti-Trump election , and unfortunately – it just wasn’t enough to stop his victory.



(Picture taken by me at Women’s March)

In result of our deranged system, a group of women activitists started to formulate from a Facebook post started by Teresa Shook, a retired grandmother from Hawaii who felt a change was needed. 21 women were instrumental in leading the women’s March on Washington. To name a few: Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, Vanessa Wruble, Sarah Sophie Flicker, and Janaye Ingram were the forewomen in a monumental team of a 50 National Committee who undoubtedly over-exceeded their mission. When a nation sees women organize one of the largest Demonstrations in American History, a sisterhood starts to immediately bond. Sometimes being a follower isn’t a bad thing. After seeing some of my favorite publications such as Teen Vogue and Essence magazine being vocal about their support for this march, specifically in terms of attending and encouraging others to attend, I knew this would be my chance to show up, and see what I was about to experience.

As I am not the biggest on politics, I know what I stand for and love to see. I love people, and to take it even further, I am all about women’s rights, solidarity, inclusion, and sisterhood. I deeply felt that this March represented all of that. I always joke about how I am a low-key feminist (no, this is not a dirty word), but in actuality I really am. A feminist is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Not to veer off on this subject, but I remember watching Chimanande Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk speech on “We should all be feminists,” and I took away values that are usually hidden lessons in society. Women deserve more, and we should be considered in higher regards. Whether it be what we are allowed to do with our own bodies to having equal pay for performing the SAME job, things have to change. We deserve more respect, and after seeing over 2 million marching (women, men and children) across the nation to participate in a peaceful protest, I was so happy to know that I was apart of such a historical and life-changing day.


(picture via Teen Vogue)

Seeing what’s next after this event is exciting to say the least. I vow to be more proactive in my local community:  being a role model to young children as much as I can. Like this blog for example, I hope to cover more social issues to make awareness in our communities, and around the world. I don’t want to sound like Mother Theresa here, however this is something that weighs heavy on my heart. I hope and pray that we all can do something more this year to make a change.

“There’s nothing more healing than a group of powerful women coming together and planning some radical stuff,” said Sarah Sophie Flicker, an activist and member of the organizing committee of the Women’s March.


“Once you start breaking it all down, you realize the most vulnerable people in any community tend to be women,” she said. “All our issues intersect, and something that may affect me as a white woman will doubly affect a black woman or a Latina woman or an indigenous woman. So when we talk about a women’s movement, we need to be talking about all women.”

The Women’s March on Washington is what democracy looks like.

To learn about the Women’s March agenda and stay updated, check out their website and follow their instagram here.

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