Wedding and Prom Season Guide

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We love special moments and we usually don’t mind devoting our time to the beauty and aesthetics of those very moments. While my prom years are long gone, I still like to stay in touch with the trends – thinking about the pretty dresses, shoes, and tons of make up we love to play with. I have always been a sucker for love (you can call me a hopeless romantic). So with prom and wedding season around the corner, I wanted to put together a quick guide of the essentials a lovely lady needs in order for things to be a success. Now I understand that they’re both extremely stressful when planning – of course on different levels – so I didn’t include wedding planning stuff. Basically a few ideas to inspire you and for you to take into consideration while getting ready for your big day. (images via, pinterest)

  1. What to wear to a wedding, wedding dress ideas and also prom dresses.
  2. 15 popular DIY for under $50
  3. Some ultra cute hairstyles for your big day.
  4. You know your jewelry has to be top notch, check out this site for some ideas.
  5. Beautiful floral arrangements.
  6. Makeup Trends
  7. Gorgeous shoes seals the deal.


P.S. Check out an older post I did on weddings.

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