Vintage Indigo Blazer

indigo blazer

Vintage Blazer, Express Shirt, Cheap Monday Donna Jeans, Rave Boots, Henri Bendel Bag

One thing I love about a genuine vintage piece is the known fact that no one else will be wearing it. I’ve always been an advocate of mixing new and old. When I go into my local Good Wills and thrift stores, I sift through the jackets and blazers for something classic, cool, and different. That’s what happened when I bought this navy blue (or is it purple? see this debate on my IG page) right before my trip to Paris. I absolutely love how it’s in a double-breasted form with gold buttons and tough shoulders. I plan to get it tailored to my ideal fit, but in the meantime – I’m rocking this baby. I styled it in Paris with OTK boots, and a pleated skirt for an a la Gossip Girl vibe. Oh and a cute newsboy cap to top it off. I love how blazers can give versatility. My newest pair of mom jeans added that oldness but chic look to this outfit, and even though they are slightly big, they are still my new favs. The detailing at the bottom is what set it off for me. How do you feel about this look? Is it straight out of the 80/90s or nah? lol

navy blue blazer leopard shirt leopard shirt2 indigo blazer2 white boots indigo blazer3

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