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Our hair may all grow differently, but one thing we all have in common is the goal to keep our tresses in the best shape we possibly can. I was lucky enough to try out Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy line and here is my review:

The first time I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner, (Note: I usually don’t wash my own hair) it was easy breezy. The first two things I noticed was the scent and how gentle and foam free it was. I’ve always read about shampoos that don’t lather up excessively are usually better for your hair, so I didn’t panic when I didn’t see the soap This time – I only washed my real hair which is what I have all in the front (my weave is in the back and partial sides) and I could definitely tell and feel the difference afterwards. This line is specifically for damaged hair, (i.e. split ends, colored hair, etc) so I couldn’t wait to see what it would do for someone like me, who has extremely thick and DRY hair.


The Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Shampoo for ultra-damaged hair smelled divine and seemed to penetrate nicely. Honestly, you can never tell how the results are until your hair is blow dried. So as I was blow drying my hair, (of course after the conditioner was applied) I noticed a sheen to my hair and a difference in the brittleness. This shampoo has lotus Infusion + Ceramide 1000 PPM technology which is suppose to restore the solidity and strength of the hair fiber. Gently purifies the hair while respecting the balance of the scalp. (taken from website)

shuuemurahairproducts3 shuuemurahairproducts4

Overall, I love products that leaves a pleasant, high-end salon smell on your hair and doesn’t remind you of over powerful chemicals. I have used the Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Conditioner and shampoo twice already (second time, my entire hair) and my hair seems to be doing much better. Now the price point for this line is pretty steep but if you don’t mind splurging for better quality hair, then you should definitely try it out or maybe request samples. If you’re not familiar with the Shu Uemura line, it is a legendary beauty line that has been around since the 1950s. They are known for makeup and their very popular eyelash curler which almost every makeup artist has raved about. The shampoo and conditioner line along with other products range from $19 to $70.

P.S. My hair stylist styled and curled my hair from these photos. I WISH I could do my hair so lovely like this…ha! Thanks for stopping by lovelies!

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