Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess


Have a friend who loves to host parties and events? I think we all do. Here are 13 gift ideas for that special someone including party tips from moi. Click to see more. (image via)


Like the late Prince told us, let’s party like it’s 1999! I love a shindig with the right amount of good details such as stand-out party picks or personalized napkins. It really adds the icing to the cake…yes that was so intentional and yes…cheesy. We can all appreciate showing up to our friends’ and families’ place or specified venue, and being overly impressed with the effort they put into a memorable night. I wanted to create a gift guide specifically for those people. It’s the little touches that count.

  1. 1. Steel Ice Bucket with Liner & Tongs, $38
  2. 2. Yes Way Rose Coaster Set, $20
  3. 3. Confessions of a Serial Entertainer Book, $30
  4. 4. Striped Dessert Plates Set of 4, $21
  5. 5. Essential Wall Mounted Bottle Opener ‘Pop it Off’, $14
  6. 6. Gold & Silver Glitter Party Sticks, $8 (These were in my November POP SUGAR Musthave box)
  7. 7. Eat Cake for Breakfast Cake Plate, $35
  8. 8. Polar Bear Platter, $43
  9. 9. Bourbon Decanter, $60
  10. 10. Mr. Naughty & Mrs. NiceWine Glasses Set of 2, $30
  11. 11. Craft & Foster Champagne Blush Natural Soy Wax Candle, $22
  12. 12. But First, Cocktails Coaster Set, $18
  13. 13. 5 Pc Daphne Decanter Set in Copper, $35

*Some of these prices are subject to change because they’re on temporary sales. *

Party Tips:

So what…you didn’t know there was rules to this thing? Hosting an event or party definitely has its do’s and dont’s. I just want to make life easier for you to avoid any panic attacks, frustration (well this may be hard to avoid), and last minute bloopers.

* Make sure to pre-plan your playlist for the mood of the party. Pandora has the best playlists you can select under certain artists, and then there is Spotify to personalize your own.

* Candles with a pleasant but not overpowering scent are perfect for uplifting the guests and adding an aroma to your space for that special night. Scents like lavender, eucalyptus, citruses, sandalwoods, and vanilla should be your go-to.

* Avoid serving heavy foods at your party unless this is a barbecue/cook-out. Go for small bites so guests can have something on their stomachs while they partake in alcoholic beverages.

* Consider your audience and make sure you are catering to what will ultimately give them a night to remember. For example, if this is a unisex party, make sure you’re serving something like whiskey and beer for the men, so they won’t be limited to wine and my favorite: rose. Balance is key.

* Think about giving out a little token or gift for your appreciation (This usually goes for more intimate parties like bridal showers) When people take the time out to come to your party, a little thoughtful gift such as a small candle or wine stopper is a very classy thing to do.

* Have mints or small candies around in containers for guests to welcome themselves to. This will avoid any insecurities when people want to get a little closer and have a deep convo…ha!

*Delegate. You can’t do it all alone, so why not bring a couple of girlfriends to boss them around (just kidding), but a little help goes along way. Divvying up duties will leave you less stressed.

*Don’t feel the need to have plenty of details. Maybe 3 impact details and 3 small details are necessary to show that you were really invested in whatever theme you planned.

That’s the majority of what I’ve got for you lovelies! Hope you enjoyed and also shop these gifts for that host/ess in your life.


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