Tuesday Motivation: Amerie Shares Her 2017 Tips for Achieving Your Goals

This post was meant to be for Monday, so my apologies for having sucky time management.

Do you guys remember the R&B songstress Amerie who brought us hits like “1 Thing” and her debut single “Why Don’t We Fall in Love’? I sure do. To be more specific, I remember buying her very first CD in a Target years ago and loving every single track on it. She did her thing back in the day. Well, not only is Amerie a talented performer, she is a huge book nerd and started her youtube channel last year as an outlet to share her favorite books, beauty, and style. So essentially, she is a blogger/influencer as well. You can tell she is truly enjoying this journey and I support her 100%.

I really enjoyed one of her most recent videos on tips and goals for 2017. She gives insight on the psychological affects of our cell phone addiction and other distractions that may keep us from staying focused. She also speaks on eating healthy, stating “Food is medicine” to be specific, and she gives advice on how to get into the industry and/or become more successful in your endeavors. This is an amazing video, so I wanted to share the jewels with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

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