Try these Denim Trends without Breaking the Bank


If you’re like me, then you prefer to spend your coins on staple pieces rather than trends that may go sour in about 2 years. Although I am a firm believer in fashion repeating itself but with tweaks here and there – I still stand behind my philosophy that my hard earned money should be spent on major items that will certainly last a lifetime. Take my Club Monaco leather jacket I purchased a couple of years ago for example; the price point was somewhere around $800 but up to this day, it can still make a bad hair day and pajama pants look like diamonds and caviar. Quality and style is what I appreciate, however with these denim trends – you can adopt more style and grab any of these for a low price and still look chic and on point. Don’t pull out the big bucks for these trends if you don’t want to – but with denim being so universal, they will surely upgrade your wardrobe.

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frayeddenim FRINGEWORTHY

Fringed jeans can be dressed up or down and they work for day and night. A trend that screams it-girl quality, you can scoop these up for under $50. Buy them here. (photo: harperandharley)



Whether you want to keep it gangsta and wear your denim jumpsuit rugged or feminize it with sexy heels, this trend is undoubtedly worth the buy. Buy it here for $27. (photo: fashiongum)



Pam Grier did it well in the 70’s so why not channel your inner disco diva style with a little patchwork skirt, jeans, or top. Buy the skirt here on sale for $20. (photo: siriaalvarez)



Jump on the wide leg jean trend and give your skinny jeans a break. They still hug in all the right places, and are so eye-catching. Buy them here. (photo: nowweare40)



Have a little fun with your looks and get creative with embroidered denim. This maybe a staple or to some it may only work for one season, either way – it’s a cool addition to your basics. Buy the jacket here. (photo: tomandlorenzo)



Yes, mom jeans are the sweetest yet oddest¬†fitting trend out of the bunch. Now, you don’t have to be a typical mom to rock this fit because they are made to be worn in a modern chic way. You can score these at your local vintage store or buy them here. (photo: whowhatwear)



Distressed but not stressed. These jeans are made to give you an edge with a go-with-the-flow vibe. I’m loving the gigantic knee and thigh holes on the streets and social media lately. This trend may not stick around for long (and to some it’s apart of their trifecta) so I would go for an affordable version. Buy them here. (photo:

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