Teen Vogue x Allure’s Phillip Picardi Shares his Favorite Everyday Beauty Products


For the last two weeks, I’ve been binge watching HBO’s Girls, (literally laughing out loud at this show…yes I know I’m late) and getting neck-deep into some informative podcasts that are entertaining me more than my music – which is extremely hard to do. One of those podcasts is Fat Mascara, a beauty show hosted by two beauty editors, Teen Vogue’s Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire’s Jennifer GoldsteinIt’s such an easy listen, and so far I’ve learned about everything from the history of Dr. Bronner’s philosophy to how to deal with acne from a top dermatologist to French girl beauty secrets from MUA Violet. Isn’t it amazing how humor can make most things better? The way these ladies feed off of each other is phenomenal and they bring on the best guests to keep the party and laughter going.

In one of their recent interviews, they had Phillip Picardi as a guest. Now if you’re not familiar with this handsome hunk, he serves as the digital editorial director for Teen Vogue and Allure at the tender age of 26. He is also the funny sidekick to Elaine Welteroth, Editor-in-Chief for Teen Vogue but let’s not get it twisted – this guy has made his mark in a massive way for the site. He was brought in to re-launch and tidy up some things, and if you’ve noticed a major shift in the magazine’s content such as promoting social good and putting more focus on women’s rights, race relations, reproductive rights, sexuality, and more – well he is mainly responsible for this breakthrough. On the beauty tip, Picardi is well-groomed with eyebrows to die for, and dreamy bedroom eyes you want to just hate on but lust over at the same damn time. So once he shared some of his favorite everyday beauty products, I had to jot them down to share with you lovelies. Thanks to Fat Mascara for having such awesome beauty gurus on the show. Check out the list below. (top image via)

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