Street Style: Girl Gang


A fashion pack of females can be exciting to the eyes for just about anyone. Girl power comes in different types but when smiles and style are the key ingredient, it’s infectious. Taking notes from The Spice Girls with their bubbly jingles and kick ass moves, these ladies are their own versions of what I like to call a solid girl gang. Individuality is so important to me and being washed out by societal norms is dauntingly boring – these women are nothing short of expressive control. So hopefully each and every girl group in this street style segment should inspire you and your traveling sisterhoods to move about life your way. Let’s stick together, have fun, and create movements in success, style, respect, and all our beautiful glory. Check out more of the pics below.

girlgang3 girlgang2 girlgang5 girlgang9 girlgang6 girlgang4 girlgang10 girlgang11

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Note: Keep in tact with the ones who are on your side and support your dreams. There’s too much competition and separation amongst us, and if you know me, I love to promote unity. Try not to stay in a box and from time to time, leave your comfort zone. Learn from different cultures and backgrounds. Women are major key in this universe and we have so many facets that can help us skyrocket to what we truly want in life. Help your girlfriends out, host brunches, good talks, and support groups. Stay committed to each other. Stay in Formation. (that last one was from Beyonce…ha!)

Love Taliah xx

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