Still Getting Personal with Onecklace – 11.7.2006

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I really can’t believe next year will mark my ten year anniversary in blogging. YES…it has been THAT long. I recently teamed up with Onecklace again for more personalized and sentimental pieces that are very meaningful to me. The first is a gold necklace with the exact date of my first published blog post (November 7, 2006) in roman numerals and the second item is a cross ring with my first name “Taliah” engraved on it. Blogging has opened many doors for me and while I have had my down moments, I don’t think I will ever give it up. I thought wearing the first day it was birthed on my chest would remind me of why I love what I do and how I will continue to try and have a voice in the blogoshphere. Also, having my name on my finger is also a treasure to me because growing up as a little one, I always hated it because it wasn’t common like the other girls. I never understood why my mom would give me such a difficult name. By the way, my name is Hebrew and it means ‘Dew from heaven’. I have also saw that it means ‘Lamb’. So yeah, the pronunciation has been screwed up plenty of times, but that doesn’t really bother me anymore. Now I wear and say my name loud and proud, and appreciate that it is different – because I have always felt different and unique.

To shop my pieces and personalize them to your liking, click here for the necklace and here for the ring. Please check back for my discount code. (UPDATE: To get 10% off of your purchase, you can use my code FWH10)  Onecklace guarantees great quality and authenticity. Their packaging is top notch and comes with the cutest box. They have a variety of items in silver and gold. Check out more here.

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Thanks again to Onecklace for great pieces and thanks for stopping by guys! xoxo

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