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O-Mighty Tank Top, & Other Stories Jeans, Public Desire Boots, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, Mango Backpack

Here’s a fact about me: I’ve never owned a dog, but I am moderately obsessed with them. There’s not one dog I run into that I don’t want to pet and hug in passing or when I know their owners. I promised myself I would have one soon but in the meantime, my O-Mighty tank top says it all – Send Me Dog Pics. Yes and yes. I was so impressed and smitten by this tank top when I first saw it on Dolls Kills website, that I knew I had to have it. Most of my Instagram’s feed is filled with cat lovers and cat owners and I’m usually rolling my eyes up in my head…haha. I’m a doggy girl for sure.

On another note, life has been up and down per usual. I’m hoping to pick up my posts soon. Especially since my absolute favorite season is coming to an end. Le sigh. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer, and please come back soon. xoxo

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  1. Rafal says:

    Nothing more nothing less
    Great styling
    You look lovely in it

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