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Noooo this isn’t something new…as a matter of fact – this is very old and nostalgic. Vintage and vintage inspired t-shirts with reminiscent rock concerts and notable musicians are extremely popular these days. It’s a top that can be styled any which way. See exhibit A of me wearing a Def Leppard tank (you can buy here), vintage jeans I recently bought (that I am absolutely in love with) and John Lennon inspired sunnies. I took a page from the 70’s for sure. This is actually what I wore to Beyonce’s Soul Train party the other day. I kid I kid. Oh, how I wish. Any who, a good washed or worn vintage tee has so much character, so why not add one to your wardrobe? I’ve picked 6 cool ones I found online that I think would work with anything from denim wear to midi skirts to leather. So go ahead and get your shop on. Thank me later…or now. wink. (Vintage jeans bought at Keepers Vintage – 245 W. Read St Baltimore, MD)

N.W.A Tee//I’m a Virgin Vintage Tee//Lionel Richie Tee//Tina Turner Tee//KISS Rock Tee//Aerosmith Tee

P.S. Every band or musician I’ve included on here, I either love or are familiar with their music. I try to wear things that I truly represent. Not saying this is something you need to do, but it always makes it authentic or a good conversation piece when you actually know who you’re supporting on your back. Feel me?

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