On Trend: Utilitarian Boots


When the snow hits the ground and winds come in full force, taking steps to our destination can be unpleasant. A hybrid of rugged and high fashion can somewhat resolve our worries to combat any minor injuries in transit. Hiking boots are on trend this season and the details are limitless. Grab you a stylish pair with comfort, and choose from vibrant red laces, silver or gold clasps, metallic hues, and extreme utilitarian style. Price points are anywhere from $20 to $1500, so what are you waiting for?

From Top: Olive Lace Up Ankle Boots, Tan Leather Lace Up Boots, Metallic Star Trail Ankle Boots, Lace Up Ankle Boots in Leather, Black Chunky Utility Boots, Fleece Trim Ankle Boots, (Middle): Leather Wedge Boots

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