Nautical Fresh

nautical4 Joe Fresh dress, Alloy Panama hat (cute style here), H&M necklace, Zara heels, Army Surplus aviators

I have officially started counting down to the weekend. Honestly, that’s my only time to really unwind. My schedule has been so busy lately, that I can’t even remember what day it is sometimes. Can you say “losing my mind slowly?” ugh! I visited my mom yesterday to take these pics and we were expecting a bad storm which thankfully never came. I would have hated to have bad weather waste this sweet and flattering striped dress. Oh no m’am! I bought it last weekend while shopping for my nana in JC Penney. I never knew they had a Joe Fresh section in there (I was aware of Mango) but once I saw the Joe Fresh sign, I leaped my tail over there, from the check out line, to see what I could find in less than a minute. I was on a serious time constraint. So lo and behold, I found this marvelous dress on sale and pulled it from the rack immediately. I am such an advocate of nautical stripes, especially in this season, and once paired with my Panama hat and two tone Zara heels, it was a sure hit for me. Yes and yes!

nautical2 nautical5 nautical nautical7 nautical6 P.S. Because I love my panama hat so much and wear it on good and bad hair days like A LOT, I have decided to start searching for a better quality one. I would rather spend my coins on something that I know is classic and will give me some gooood stretch in my wardrobe. You know? I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress.

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