Juliette’s French Bistro


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I joke a lot about being a #FakeAssParisian and what this basically means is, I fake the Parisian lifestyle or try to live it as much as possible while living in America. French women are impressive to me in many ways, however even the lifestyle and decor of French-esque things gets me all giddy inside. On Friday, my bestie and I stopped by Juliette French Bistro for some drinks and early dinner. We talked, snapped, laughed, sipped, talked some more and realized we had been there for almost 3 hours. Yes, this place was that charming, relaxed, and quaint. There were vines and vines of falling leaves throughout the restaurant that made you feel like you were in a secluded garden hidden in a quiet little neighborhood. We sat in the dinner area where we adored the antique furniture, wooden cabinets, and the most beautiful green life you could imagine. I am definitely visiting this place again. The only thing I regret was forgetting to take pictures of our food which was extremely delectable. Delicieux! I had a spicy lamb burger that was seasoned with Moroccan spices with goat cheese on an English muffin and accompanied by pomme frites. Nicole had a pan roasted trout with wild mushrooms. The food was very tasty. Next time, I will be back for brunch. If you are ever in the Williamsburg area, you should certainly check it out. Take a look at some of the pics below.

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P.S. They also have a really cool rooftop where you can eat and drink as well. Yes and yes! Thanks for stopping by loves!

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