How 4 Professional Women Get Ready in the Morning


Can we all agree that waking up to a new day means a fresh start? No day is ever the same, so it’s our preparation and mindset that directly and indirectly dictates our mornings and days. Whether you’re someone who has a consistent morning routine or most days you find yourself winging it (and maybe your eyeliner) to get through your day – either way, you MADE it. Round of applause. I’ve noticed when I give myself an extra 30 minutes to an hour before I need to deal with the real world, I don’t feel as flustered and unorganized opposed to days when my alarm is looking at me like “girl get your a** up*. But unfortunately that isn’t often. Successful people are typically morning people, and we all want a peek into how they start their mornings. Do they check email before their second eye barely opens, is breakfast even in the equation, and what time does their day usually start? I had the chance to interview 4 women from different career backgrounds to essentially see how they kick start their day. With various professions, a painter/artist, Film & TV Makeup Artist, dance instructor/founder of non-profit, and a biomedical researcher, these girl bosses are sharing their advice and the not so pretty side of juggling life in the morning. Check out the interviews below.

1. What is your name and occupation?

Erin Fitzpatrick, artist (@fitzbomb)


2. Are you a morning person or is the snooze button your bff?

I just discovered that I’m totally a morning person. Because my schedule is flexible and I mostly work from home, I used to work late into the night and sleep in. I recently figured out that I’m way more rested if I go to bed at 12-1am (instead of my former 3-4am) and get up around 7. I pop awake now and don’t usually need an alarm. Also, my coffee maker is set to brew as soon as I wake up. That definitely helps.

3. Breakfast or early lunch?

Breakfast is coffee all morning, maybe a banana.

4. What time does your day typically start? 

I’ve been starting my days around 7:30am

5. What are you doing at these times?

  • 6am: Sleeping
  • 8am: Reading the New York Times, drinking coffee, returning emails and going over my plan/priorities for the day
  • 10am: I’m either at yoga or painting
  • 12pm: Painting and listening to music
  • 2pm: I like to take a break in the middle of the day to get some fresh air and run errands. When I moved to Mount Vernon I got rid of my car, so I do everything on foot. I love walking around my neighborhood.


6. What is your morning beauty routine? 

3-4 days a week, I use a NuFace on my skin to tone my facial muscles. I bought one about a year ago and I love what it does for my skin. After that I wash my face, use a witch hazel-based hydrating toner, a hyaluronic acid serum (I like Foxbrim natural serums) and a moisturizer with sunblock. I don’t put on much makeup unless I’m going out, but I always fill in my brows (Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ash Brown), put on lipgloss (either Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm in the pink color or Glossier lip gloss), and use a little concealer (NARS) where I need it. If I’m going all in I’ll use a little bronzer, Glossier highlighting stick (Quartz), eyeliner (usually something ashy brown), Maybelline mascara, and I love the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye palette.

The other part of my routine is that I love to smell like a coconut, so I wear coconut lotion (Palmers), sunscreen and natural deodorant (Lavanilla Vanilla Coconut) with a little Replica Beach Walk by Maison Margiela.
7. What tools/apps do you use to keep your schedule together? 
I do it old school and keep a written planner. It’s broken down into areas to set goals for the month/week/day. It has a spot to fill in action steps to attain each goal, a place to prioritize activities, and a questionnaire at the end of each month to assess how well that month’s goals were met. It really helps me to stay on track, stay motivated and grow my goals.
8. Naps or full throttle day until you crash at night? 
Naps only if really necessary, like if I work really late and get up for an early yoga class and then have another late night ahead of me; otherwise, I prefer just to go through the day
9. Any tips on the best way to start your day or week for those looking for advice? 
I always have a plan, not in an uptight way, but in a keep-my-naturally-distracted-brain-on-track way. I set my goals for the month (in categories like health, finance, career, and personal growth) on the 1st, plan my upcoming week on Saturdays (scheduling in work/workouts/social time), and review what my next day will be before I go to bed at night. Setting clear goals each month and listing the steps to achieve them allows me to create new habits, build upon prior achievements, and not get overwhelmed with all of my ideas. I can actually cross things off my list.
Also, one big pro tip on creating new habits/reaching goals is to use a trigger or cue to remember to work on the desired outcome. To waste less time on social media, I got a newspaper subscription and read it instead of Facebook every time I reached for my phone. I totally broke the Facebook habit, am more informed and majorly cut back on the time I spend on my phone. Last month I made it my goal to brainstorm how to make $2000 extra dollars every time I caught myself thinking about a particular situation that was stressing me out. It felt way better to think about new ideas than the stressful thing that was out of my control, got me to think outside of the box… and I turned those ideas into $2500 in additional income. Not too bad.
 To see more of Erin’s work, follow her here @fitzbomb and here
1. What is your name and occupation?
Ngozi Olandu Young-Film & TV Makeup Artist
2. Are you a morning person or is the snooze button your bff? 
No choice but to be a morning person with a 6 month old and 4 AM call time for work
3. Breakfast or early lunch?
4. What time does your day typically start? 
5. What are you doing at these times?
  • 6am: On set working
  • 8am: On set working
  • 10am: On set working
  • 12pm: Still on set working
  • 2pm: Still be on set working


6. What is your morning beauty routine? 

Skin care- serum & moisture. Foundation blush and mascara done in the car!!! Lashes to seal the car beat if I have 5 extra minutes.

7. What tools/apps do you use to keep your schedule together? 

Prayer and a planner pad

8. Naps or full throttle day until you crash at night? 

I wish for both. Full throttling through life. No sleep AT ALL!

9. Any tips on the best way to start your day or week for those looking for advice? 

Daily gratitude is a must to start my day. I feel a bit off when I don’t take a moment to pray in the morning.
Bigger picture -I know it sounds extreme but planning my year out in advance has helped tremendously with being able to set monthly, weekly and therefore my daily schedule. It helps me be able to prioritize instead having feel like I’m constantly putting out fires. Of course stuff comes up and things may have to adjust but I get right back on track. Daily gratitude is a must to start my day
To see more of Gozi’s work, follow her here. @gozibeauty and check out her work at
What is your name and occupation? 
Sharayna Christmas Founder & Creative Director  Muse 360 Arts
2. Are you a morning person or is the snooze button your bff? 
Snooze button all day!!
3. Breakfast or early lunch?
Breakfast during lunch time lol.
4. What time does your day typically start? 
5. What are you doing at these times?
  • 6am: Sleeping
  • 8am: Cooking for my son
  • 10am: On my way to a meeting
  • 12pm: Still meeting
  • 2pm: Trying to eat or going to run errands


6. What is your morning beauty routine?

Wash & exfoliate. No make up.

7. What tools/apps do you use to keep your schedule together?

iPhone and Google calendar.

8. Naps or full throttle day until you crash at night?

Full throttle.

9.  Any tips on the best way to start your day or week for those looking for advice?

Take a minute to thank the universe for seeing another day.

To see more of Sharayna and Muse 360, follow her here and here @raynqueen

1. What is your name and occupation?

I’m Taylor, and I work in translational biomedical research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I spend my days studying + researching the genetics of Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

2. Are you a morning person or is the snooze button your bff?
Morning person! I love to wake up early, shower, enjoy a cup of coffee (my one true love) in my apartment, catch up on social media, and get my day off to a wholesome start. When I get to work, I’m self-admittedly that chatty person who has way too much energy for 8:30 AM.
3. Breakfast or early lunch?
Early lunch for sure. I usually eat something small, like a hard-boiled egg or a few spoonfuls of greek yogurt early in the AM, along with my coffee, to get me up and going. But come 11 AM, I’m definitely ready to eat again! Lunch is usually a bowl of protein, veggies, topped with a drizzle of balsamic dressing.
4. What time does your day typically start?
My first alarm goes off at a prompt 6:24 AM, accompanied by some follow-up alarms to ensure I get out of bed. I may hit snooze once or twice, but I’m out of bed by 6:45 AM almost every morning!
5. What are you doing at these times?
  • 6am: Unconsciously savoring my last few minutes of sleep.
  • 8am: Looking for my keys and getting ready to walk out the door of my apartment.
  • 10am: Discussing experimental results/experimental design plans with my lab mates. 
  • 12pm: Hanging out in the break room, eating lunch with my coworkers. 
  • 2pm: Finishing up one of the day’s experiments & making a fresh pot of coffee.


6. What is your morning beauty routine?

My morning beauty routine is minimal. My job requires me to work with chemicals and spend a lot of time on my feet/moving around, so my clothing choices and beauty routine are intended to be practical. I throw my hair up in a pony tail most days (Anyone remember 7th grade science class, when they told girls with long hair to pull it back? Yep, that’s my life.) I actually tend not to wear makeup on week days unless I have an event immediately after work. So, a little after 8 AM, I leave for work with a freshly washed face, pony tail, and practical footwear.

7. What tools/apps do you use to keep your schedule together?

I actually prefer a hand-held planner to a digital one – most days, I feel like I’m in the minority of people who still write things down! Although I do put most events and deadlines in my iCalendar, I tend to rely on my Moleskine planner for documenting my schedule and brainstorm sessions. I also use the Countdown app (featured often on my Instagram Stories!) to keep track of big events, like vacations, coming up. This countdown to exciting events helps to keep me motivated as they are approaching!

8. Naps or full throttle full day til you crash at night? 

Full throttle. I definitely can not do naps, and I think I drink too much coffee to be able to do so haha. I tend to stay in go-mode until I get home at night; I often combat the temptation to nap by heading to a local coffee shop to do work. To me, home is a space to destress and disconnect (I don’t even have a TV or WiFi!) You’d be surprised how quickly you crash at night when you can’t Netflix binge.

9. Any tips on the best way to start your day or week for those looking for advice?

Make time for REST. I’ve quickly learned that my good weeks start with adequate amounts of sleep, and my bad weeks are better managed when I’ve given my body enough rest in the preceding days. I try to prepare for the week (meal prepping, doing dishes, etc.) and relieve stressful situations even before they begin. All methods of self-care, whether it be sleep, eating well, mental health days, are all extremely important!

To see more of Taylor, check out her blog here and follow her here @stylishlytaylored

Hope you guys enjoyed this segment and thanks for reading! xo

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