Heat Wave Camo


Camo jacket from Army Surplus store, UO shorts, Aerie top, Michael Kors tote (similar), Schutz sandals

Why did I call this post Heat Wave Camo, you ask? Because New York decided to bring on the heat on my last two days. I dont get how the weather can be so disrespectful like that and want to throw a little wrench in your whole day. I know it sounds like I’m complaining but this was a day when I needed to do lots of work and lots of foot traveling with a big tote and the heat was unbearable at times! I decided to go against my original plans for this outfit which was to wear a pair of leather booties, so I present you my Schutz lace ups again! Yes, yes…I do love these. I was intrigued by this all camo get up I packed for the trip. It’s like my summer version of a monochromatic neutral, except it’s camo. Makes sense? Funny story: A guy in Times Square said to me ” I know you have on all camouflage, but I can still see you…” Umm, I could only laugh at that! camo3 camo5 camo4 camo2 camo6

Once again, I squeezed some time into taking these pics at the Lincoln Center. It was rushed and there was this huge orchestra taking up the middle space of the platform. Too bad I didnt get to see them perform. I’m glad I bared all arms and legs because like I mentioned before, Mr. Sun was out to play. This was my last day at the shows (didnt get to wear my last two outfits) but overall I had a blast! More posts to come lovelies!

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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