Fresh Soy Cleanser and Rose Face Mask is Well Worth the Buy


It’s been published a million times that finding a second cleanser (and sometimes a third) to play backup for your main squeeze is highly recommended. I think it’s safe to say I’ve found mine. I’m currently using Boscia’s Purifying Cleanser and while my results have been good across the board, I’m recently finding some acne and blemish flare ups in these last couple of months. Out of frustration, Ive been going sample crazy to see what’s on the market for these little breakouts. Thankfully, my birthday gift from Sephora back in October was this Fresh duo kit that included their Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask. After testing out the mask for a couple of days, I honestly wasn’t expecting much because the product is only meant to hydrate and tone. You never really know what something means until you look in the mirror and suddenly notice things better about your face. I’m not going to lie, I actually googled what does toning mean when it comes to skin just to see the true definition and also the people’s choice definition.

freshrosefacemask So here we go. After about 2 (or maybe 3) night applications, I was casually doing what I do in the mirror to get cute (ha) and I took a double take at my skin. Now as I mentioned earlier, my skin has been acting up like it was thinking we were back in my teenage years. Just think, grayish, dry, blemish-y, no glow, etc. So when I noticed a smooth forehead and chin and then my entire face was screaming “Heyyy babe” at me…I knew it had to be this mask BECAUSE I didn’t start using the face wash yet. So what does it mean to have toned skin? It’s smooth, poreless appearance with little signs of aging. THAT.IS.MY.DEFINITION. and I’m sticking with it. It does have a tingling effect after being on for a few minutes, and you only need to have it on for approximately 10-15 minutes. Also please note that this mask has real rose petals in it. This could explain the price for it too ($62) I am not sure if I will purchase this just because of the price but I have a few more applications left so once I see what it ultimately does for my skin, I may have to swipe my card for this bomb product.


Since the results from the mask was giving me great results, I decided to give the cleanser a go. I can’t lie, I was nervous about switching cleansers because my skin can really react badly to new products. I have sensitive skin. I always read reviews before trying something and fortunately they were all positive (well most). This cleanser has a mild lather with a clear milky texture, and I use about two small squeezes each wash. The best thing about this cleanser (honestly, truly) is the SMELL. It has a scent of a freshly sliced cucumber dipped in spring water. That attribute alone makes me look forward to washing my face with this stuff. So far, no bad reactions, it also removes my makeup better than Boscia’s cleanser (specifically my mascara), and my blemishes and acne has calmed down tremendously. Yay! The price for 1.7 oz is $15 and a full size is $38.

*Amino acid-rich soy proteins promote moisture retention, elasticity and firmness, while rosewater balances and tones the skin. It is further enriched with calming cucumber extract and nourishing borage seed oil.* (From website)


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