DIY Hat Organizing Display + Storage Idea


For someone who has enough hats to stock an entire store, I was getting in over my head (no pun intended) with storage options. They were just stacking up and collecting dust in a corner which didn’t give me much clear vision to what my collection was. No bueno. I own about 30 hats, and sadly own one legit hat box for my entire collection. Only because my good friend Tamala gifted me with this hat for my birthday last year and it came with an impressive box that puts the rest on some sort of unfair treatment policy. So I had to do something about it after recently rearranging my apartment and throwing away some things. I took to good ol’ Pinterest for some storage ideas that seemed handy and came across this DIY idea. Once I thought about what I already had in my tool/junk box, I knew it could work. I originally posted this DIY Hat storage project last week on snapchat and Insta-stories, and had many replies and applauds for such a cool concept. So I immediately thought to be dutiful, and share the easy steps in achieving not only an organized storage option but an visually decorative one as well.


What you need to achieve this look:

  • * Hats (duh)
  • * Rope or string, twine (I painted mine white to match wall), or maybe ribbon
  • * Nails
  • * Clothes pins
  • * Ruler (Or if you’re like me, trial and error with the physical eye)


I measured my string to be about 3 to 4 ft long. Make sure you are absolutely, positively sure of the wall space you want to use before committing to this project because you are poking small holes in the wall. Also, check with the sizes (width and length) of your hats so that they aren’t too crowded or far apart. I thought slightly layering them gave it a cool look. (See below) Depending on how many hats you own, you can do two or three rows. As you can see I did 3, and it worked out good for me. My only regret (and it’s not too late to change), is to maybe get a stronger string or a heavier nail because I’m afraid the hats weight can make it flimsy and possibly detach from the wall. After I secured the ends with nails, I took each clothes pin and connected the brim of the hat with the string andddd…voila! You have your very own Hat display that can make even your local Zara or Dept store envious. I feel so much better about life and my organization (Ha!) and it was such a relief to finally do something about this ever-growing hat collection.

diyhatstorage4 diyhatstorage5 hatstorage

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