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vintage sweatshirt

 Vintage sweatshirt, Romeo + Juliet Couture skirt, Zara boots, Street Vendor sunglasses (similar pair), Zara bag

Steps out of my house…looks for convertible parked out front…only to realize that this is all a fantasy. Although I don’t own a convertible OR a brownstone, it’s amazing what outfits and style can transform us into. I believe style is all about making it what you want (whether it’s a theme, a mood, or from another era) and experimenting with one of a kind pieces. I found this cool, old school race car sweatshirt at a recycled clothing store in Atlanta. The store is called Rag-o-Rama in Little Five Points, and my trusty bestie wanted to go there to find something to wear to a music concert we were going to later that day. I can always count on her to introduce me to some great vintage/thrift stores. I knew I wasn’t going to wear this piece until Fall, because it is pretty thick. And now was the ideal time. I love the red, white and blue colors on the charcoal blackish background. Styling it with my Romeo & Juliet skirt and Zara sock boots (which I scrunched down to make them ankle length) gave it the perfect chic look. Of course you know what else I’m about to say – any piece that I can dress up or down is a winner in my book of fashion. xo

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P.S. So I am definitely a lip gloss girl, but I occasionally like to rock a red lipstick. I have been wearing this Fenty Lip Stunna one and I still don’t know if i love it. I don’t think it fits well with my skin tone/under tone. What do you guys think?

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