Blogger Babes Photo Shoot with Jade Nikkole Photography


It started off as an idea that went a little something like this:

Hey ladies, so I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a photo shoot. (This came from Anna – the cutie on the far left)

A response from my Baltimore blogger group was immense excitement because if there is one thing we all love in common – it’s to take photos showcasing our original style.

Anna: So I’m thinking the location can be somewhere in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore and we can do sort of a Sex and the City theme. My photographer Jade will be shooting us.

The Blogger Babes: Heck yes! We would love to!

And that is how this beautiful and bodacious photo shoot came to life. The weather turned out to be perfect after giving us a scare with rain and then some dreary drizzle. For a moment I was lost and couldnt find the girls, and then we all came together to create this cute sisterhood shoot. These ladies are all different and lovely in their own way. It’s so cool to have a community of likeminded females who you can laugh and share your creative juices with. Jade did an amazing job with the scenery, props, and backdrops and she helped us flourish even more. I seriously can’t wait to shoot again with my blogger babes. I am sharing a few awesome shots from the photo shoot and then in a few days will do a part two of more of my look. Hope you guys enjoy this!

JadeNikkolePhotography-5193 JadeNikkolePhotography-5188-2 JadeNikkolePhotography-5184 JadeNikkolePhotography-5264 JadeNikkolePhotography-5391 JadeNikkolePhotography-4928 JadeNikkolePhotography-4978 JadeNikkolePhotography-5280 JadeNikkolePhotography-5348 JadeNikkolePhotography-5165 JadeNikkolePhotography-4949 JadeNikkolePhotography-5676 JadeNikkolePhotography-5360

(From left: Carisa from Legally Charming Style, Me, Anna from, Alice from, Taylor from

To see more of Jade’s work, check her out here and @jadenikkolephoto

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