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As I get older (my birthday was yesterday), I worry that my youthful skin will start to look dull and lifeless. Of course fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable in aging, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our skin. For me, it’s about consistency (washing day and night), having a regime that fits your lifestyle and skin type, and doing as much research as possible for the best products on the market. Unfortunately, all products don’t claim to be who they are. We read “All natural”, “Free of parabens”, etc but once you read the back of the bottle, you see ingredients that are clearly potentially harsh to our skin.

For someone like me who prefers gentler and more on the natural side beauty products, Lyeska Skincare certainly fits the bill. The creator of the Brooklyn Based skincare line, Katya Hegg, approached her line by seeking out the botanical heritage of her Russian roots, especially the forests of Siberia. Hegg currently lives in New York and we all know how toxic and contaminated that city can be, so creating a line that was natural as possible, including Siberian Cedar Nut oil, was important to her. I have been using the line for about 3 weeks now. I had to wait to see how my skin truly reacted to it before giving my honest opinion about the products, cause you know…all results don’t happen overnight. So, I’ve been trying out the Rejuventing Serum along with some samples of the eye cream and facial moisturizer. I have visibly seen a difference in my face within a few days. This serum is some good stuff! With its 99.9%  natural and 7.1% organic ingredients, it has powerful antioxidants that makes your skin soft, bright, and VERY smooth. I have also noticed some of my acne scarring going away as well. Not sure if that is from the serum, but it’s been tough sloughing away these marks lately. So I don’t think I’ll stop what I’m doing. I also love the smell, its oak-y scent (maybe that’s the cedar oil) and it also has black currant in it which are rich in omega fatty 3 acids.

Just to break down how I use these products, here’s the scoop:

  • Wash my face with my Boscia facial moisturizer (I haven’t tried the Lyeska one yet)
  • Spray with a toner
  • Use about a pump in a half of the Lyeska Rejuvenating Serum (this is when I feel the different in the tightness of my skin) It instantly transforms to baby bottom soft skin. Seriously.
  • Finish off with the Lyeska Moisturizer and my skin is good to go for hours and hours.

Note: I do exfoliate about twice a week with a lemon scrub from Elizabeth Arden. Also, I am not using the eye cream as much as I should, so I can’t speak about the results yet. I will say, the cream is thick and it marinates into your skin pretty good.

I don’t know about you, but I want to look good without makeup. We have to take really good care of our skin, and lines like Lyeska understands how well-thought out nourishing ingredients are valuable to us. The price for the serum is $65.00 but you get plenty of product and it is an INVESTMENT, so it’s well worth it. Check out more of Lyeska’s story here and read about the ingredients here.

lyeska lyeska3 lyeska4

P.S. I am in Paris right now (eeeek), so I took these lovely pics on the patio of where I’m staying. I will be posting about my trip soon! So stay tuned! In the meantime, you can follow me on snapchat: fashionwashere for all updates. xoxo

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