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So…time to talk beauty again. Remember when I mentioned a new skin product I was trying out here? Well it’s been about two weeks so far and Eu2Be (You to Be) has climbed the latter on my favorite nourishing creams and oils for folks like me with dry skin. The American made company, founded by Charla Jones, draws inspiration from Brazilian folklore and has¬†defined her beauty brand into something deeper than your typical lotion. Even from the first day I started using the lotion and oil, I noticed a calm scent that smelled like pure goodness. I don’t talk about this too much on the blog, but I have significantly shifted what I eat and put on my body a lot lately. Two main reasons is to feel good inside and out (think MORE ENERGY), and also because I’m starting to realize I have sensitive skin. With Eu2Be not using any parabens or petroleum and are gluten free with just a hint of warm fragrance, I couldn’t wait to try it. Jones states, “With a strong assist from moisture-locking Brazilian oils, all Eu2Be products contain powerful combinations of nourishing oils that are rich in oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.” My travel sampler pack included the enrich + radiate oil, the nurture + nourish lotion, and the shower + soak soap (not pictured.) I’ve layered the lotion and oil together right after my shower with moist skin, and it lasted for a very long time. It even lasted through my beach days on vacation. I thought that was the perfect time to see how it would do with my skin. The shower soap didn’t have enough lather for me, HOWEVER maybe it’s because of the lack of harsher ingredients. BUT, I still liked it. Check out more about the beauty brand here and shop the products here.

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