Beauty Report: Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil


Last time I spoke about face oils was here, and it turned out to be one of my most pinned posts to date. While I always knew beauty oils were all the rage, I never got to personally co-sign on this claim until now. The last time I tried an oil on my face, it was a disaster. By the third day, my skin started to breakout in fine bumps which forced me to stop immediately. It was an organic rosehip oil I purchased on Amazon that had pretty great results, but unfortunately it didn’t perform so well for me. For someone with semi-sensitive and extremely dry skin (especially in the winter), I needed to hone in on just a few products that were beneficial to my skin and worth the bucks.

So here is where I introduce to you guys, my new favorite beauty product of all time. Seriously, NO EXAGGERATION. Per usual, I visited my local Sephora to buy my Boscia Clear Complexion kit and to my sad surprise, it was discontinued. I had a light panic attack because I knew I couldn’t afford each product separately at the full size and I needed to figure something out quick. Luckily, three was a Boscia rep on site that day who recommended the Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil after asking me a series of questions about my skin type and problems. The things she mentioned about this product is that it works well as a facial moisturizer, helps with dry skin, leaves skin supple, it’s good for all day, works as a primer for your foundation, good for cuticles, and other things I can’t quite remember. Boscia is known for their chemical free ingredients and use of high quality botanicals. Tsubaki oil (aka Japanese Camellia) is packed with oleic acids and fatty omega 3 acids that are good for our skin. After using this oil, I noticed within a few days my fine lines were disappearing and a few darks spots were going away as well. Overall, I noticed a GLOW. I’m not one to wear makeup everyday, but I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation as much because the finish this oil gives my skin is damn near flawless.

Here are the ingredients for the Tsubaki Oil:

-Tsubaki Oil (Camellia Oil): Firms, hydrates, and protects against free radical damage.
-Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp): Replenishes essential proteins and increases collagen production.
-Rice Bran Oil: Reduces dark spots and increases micro-circulation for soft, glowing skin.

To see the full description in detail, click here.

Now while I know there are tons and tons of face oils on the market, Boscia’s version has many great reviews and is conscience in what we put on our skin. The price is $46 and you get plenty product with it.  My confidence level has went up tremendously because we all know healthy skin promotes good vibes.

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