Another Day, Another Slay: 10 Times Bella Hadid Slayed Street Style


To some, Bella Hadid may be considered the fashion It Girl of the moment. To others, she may be referred to as Gigi Hadid’s “little sister”, but at only 19 years old with countless campaigns in her resume – most notably being named the new face of Dior beauty & Model of the Year at the Daily Front Row’s annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards– we like to refer to her as a fashion slayer.

Trivial opinions & titles aside – the facts are that in a short amount of time she has become the one to watch. The one who effortlessly slid under the radar.

So, let’s take a look at the 10 times she slayed the streets by treating the sidewalk as her own personal catwalk in a style that is relatable to fashion aficionados and enthusiasts alike.


Seen above punching the pavement with Hailey Baldwin walking the streets of New York City. Rocking a cozy sweater dress, layered necklaces (that we LOVE) and a plaid top tied at the waist adding a 90s flair! (image via)


Rocking a striped dress with rope belt detail by Faithfull the Brand paired with Balenciaga ankle boots and a Saint Laurent tote that perfectly balances girly pieces with edge. (image via)


Nostalgia anyone? This Tommy Hilfiger cropped sweatshirt, leggings, wedge sneakers paired with a fab pair of shades and Givenchy duffel bag that elevates this look to casual chic. Total Aaliyah vibes! (image via


This is our idea of stepping off a plane in style. Bella’s seen at the airport in Nice rocking the crop top formula that works perfectly with her frame. The peek-a-boo lace detail with Air Force 1 trainers, comfy bottoms and a bomber jacket draped over her arms for extra flair are nice touches. (image via)


Cozy, chic, fully covered, yet sexy are the ingredients that make this look casually slay! The mini Saint Laurent is a super cute addition. Très chic! (image via)


It took us a few double takes to notice that The Weeknd was in the picture at all. Only a bad chick can make you ignore a musician who sat atop the Billboard charts with the number one and two songs in the country – a feat only accomplished by 16 musicians before him. It’s also nice to see the mini Saint Laurent bag being reused. Salute! (image via)


We love to see her having fun and experimenting with her style. Ok, so we’re cheating a little with this look (she was shooting for a photoshoot in NYC), but she’s technically strutting on the streets of New York. And in our defense, the red trousers paired with an avant-garde ruffle blouse has us hypnotized. Can you blame us?


She does effortless sexy so well! Pictured above in a champagne-colored silk tuxedo dress paired with a few unexpected accessories – platform sneakers, leather choker & oversized bag – that give this look the right amount of edge it needed and transforming a dress that could be seen as formalwear into something more relatable. J’adore. (image via)


Flaw-free. Any questions? (image via)


Total chameleon! A clear departure from the sexy, lacey and tough looks we’re used to seeing Bella rock. Showing off her amazing legs in a monochromatic cascading ruffle ensemble paired with minimal accessories. Perfect in every way. (image via)

Bonus Looks: Ok, yes, we know we said 10 looks, but it would be very irresponsible of us not to mention how she shuts down any red carpet she steps foot on. Although we could go on forever, we won’t. So, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 2 times she slayed the carpet.


This look leaves no room for error. Wearing a dress that had the entire internet buzzing and collecting their edges. That slit. That body.  There was clearly only one thing on her agenda…to slay! (image via)


Finally, we LOVE thigh high socks paired with almost everything. So, it comes to no surprise that our favorite slayer paired one of our favorite accessories with this amazing Givenchy gown. *Flips hair* Keep slaying! (image via)

Note: This is a guest post written by my good friend Nicole Williams who resides in NYC. Follow her at @habitualflair.


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