A Visit to PRMP Beauty Studio & Good Brow Day


You should remember a couple of weeks ago when we outlined a few tips and products to achieve good eyebrows? The definitive guide to brow artistry was compiled with research and experience, but it’s great to know that there are real brow experts right at our fingertips who wants you to know the importance of getting in the right hands when it comes to your face and eyebrows. Last Thursday, I had the pure pleasure of visiting PRMP (pronounced primp) Beauty Studio in Washington, DC for a brow wax and consultation. The Director, Nicole Alexis, talked me through my eyebrow shape goals, my past experiences, and educated me on unlicensed, untrained and unsanitary shapers. I was so taken back at how many of us fall into the convenience and comfort of letting anyone shape our brows. Now this isn’t a shame post because we have all been there and some of us are still not aware of the unhygienic techniques we are subjected to, such as double dipping wax sticks.

To heal this epidemic of bad experiences with our eyebrows, a beauty service called Good Brow Day was founded by Nicole Alexis. Good Brow Day’s purpose is to strengthen the brow artist community with more skilled and passionate beauty professionals as well as compliment them with an equally passionate customer. They are currently building a community of licensed professionals all over to help keep the value and quality of trained estheticians serving the beauty industry. There will be a directory of highlighted artists for us to browse and visit. Good Brow Day will be on April 18th and to follow all events and agendas behind this community, you can follow their IG page here.

prmpbeautystudio2 prmpbeautystudio3

So about my finished brows, they were absolutely perfect. Nicole was amazing and took her time with getting them back in shape. Before Thursday, it had been about 2 months (maybe longer) since I had them threaded. She used a special wax, and also a device (maybe a ruler) to measure each brow to ensure evenness. There was a stone massage given following the mild waxing, and boy did that feel amazing. I felt like a princess sitting in her chair. And finally, after waxing and tweezing, she tinted them for a full natural effect. Check out the ‘after’ picture below.



If you’re in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area, PRMP Studio will be hosting a Pop-up PRMP & Polish event this Friday at their location. Check out their IG page here.

Thanks for reading FWH! If you have any further questions about my experience at the studio, you can email me at taliahferguson@fashionwashere.net.

P.S. PRMP Studio is a full salon that offers nail, waxing, lash, and hair services.

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