A Statement Tee for Your Mantra


You know the saying “Wear your heart on your sleeve”? First heard in Shakespeare’s play Othello to show faithfulness and vulnerability, in addition to knights back in the middle ages who were said to have worn the colors of the lady they were supporting, in cloths or ribbons tied to their arms. What a romantic notion? Don’t ya think? This expression has reared it’s head (ugly or good) with social media platforms, blogs, activism, public personal opinions and so on. Since fashion can be a statement, we thought spotting some of our deepest feelings or silly antics and quirks on shirt apparel would help you to really live out your mantra. Whether you’re a feminist and/or spiritual babe, why not wear your heart on your sleeve…literally. Here are some statement tees that may fit your life mantra.



The girl who only wants beachy, warm vibes (even when not physically there) with no drama would wear this “Aloha Vibes Only” t shirt. Maybe you’ll feel that ocean breeze when you put it on. It can surely be a state of mind.


A glass of rose keeps the stress away. That’s what we see when we read this statement tee. If you’re one to love refreshing glass of wine with a side of something, shop this tee here.


Love to support Civil Rights activists? Check out this simple yet powerful statement for Rosa Parks. The lady who wouldn’t give up her seat and was tired of injustice during the civil rights movement. Nah – Rosa Parks tee shirt.


“Dear Karma, you forgot some people” OUCH. Well tell it like it is sista! If you believe in Karma, this statement tee is perfect you.


For the ones who love instant gratification, loves to be behind or in front of the camera, or just loves a good, nostalgic shirt, this Polaroid Tee is super cute and comfy.


Now this shirt has some winning and boss spirit that will take you places. It’s edgy and confident, which we love. Shop this “Win Some, Lose Some” shirt here.


This feminist cowboy is a dream shirt. You can request to buy this shirt here.


The best of both worlds. Spiritual Gangster sweatshirt. $98


For my cannibis babes, take a walk on the wild side and be bold in this cool shirt. You’d be surprised how many may agree. $28


With all of the pro-choice protesting and Planned Parenthood, celebrities have been wearing their feelings about it on their sleeve too. This “My P&ssy, My choice tee” is to support women who are being told what to do with their bodies.


Originally heard on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk, recently this expression has been fine tuned and ready for take off. With designers like Christian Dior supporting the feminist movement with a tee that is said to cost $710 to go to proceeds, you can snag this one for $15.


Yoga and spiritual beings who want peace and love in your world, this retro ‘Namaste’ muscle tank from Spritual Gangster is stylish and sporty. Shop it here.


If you don’t care about this or that AKA drama, gossip, an ex, etc, the “Don’t care” shirt should totally be your mantra. How cute is this polka dot tee?

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