9 Snapchat Users to Follow for Daily Inspiration

snapcode In 2016, social media has become a huge phenomenon in terms of entertainment, connecting with family and friends, and fostering brands and companies to spread their vision and expertise. It’s usually a win-win situation – well despite your daily dose of celebrity drama and people who utilize it for bashing purposes – but hey, that’s totally not my focus here. We are well into the third quarter of the year, and since we stand in the Age of Social Media, you should have heard the word or phrase “SnapChat” before or if you’re like Bernie Sanders “snapshot” (insert laugh here), so this article isn’t necessarily to tell you what Snapchat is, but moreso to advise you on who to follow.

Think of Snapchat as an unscripted, non-edited TV show of various personalities. The better part of this is that each video is 10 seconds or less. Some post tons of them and some are far and few between. The app that was first created for pic sharing has now bloomed into people’s behind the scenes (BTS) reality shows and it then gets even better. The brands (whether it’s a company or your favorite blogger) has strategized cool formulas to share content with you in the most entertaining and creative ways. Snapchat star YesJulz from YesJulz.com shares “I feel like I’ve been there with you at the open…and at the Madison Square Garden, etc”, when she passionately speaks about the feelings from viewing snaps and the importance of Snapchat for brands who aren’t using it to their full potential. In addition to Julz Goddard who has built a substantial amount of followers, here are 9 of my favorite snappers. From celebrity stylists to chefs, hopefully my fellow readers can find someone to check out.

1. Geri Hirsch – Co-founder of LeafTV and creator of becauseimaddicted


Geri is like my virtual mentor. LA hardworking girl who believes in eating right and taking care of yourself inside and out.

Snapchat username: gerihirsch

Type of inspiration: Wellness videos such as How to make turmeric and ginger anti-inflammatory wellness shots to how Jen Atkin (hairstylist to the stars) curls her hair to some of the best LA events right at your doorstep. I promise you, she won’t disappoint. She even shares her workout videos with her hot trainer Chase.

2. Elaine Welteroth – Editor at Teen Vogue


The bubbly beauty editor who is responsible for bringing more awareness to young black models/actresses and giving them a voice at the infamous Teen Vogue establishment.

Snapchat username: elainewelteroth

Type of inspiration: I’ve only been following Elaine for approximately 2 weeks now, and so far I have been on a trip with her to Amsterdam where she hung out with Pharrell and in the cubicles of some hysterical and cool fashion editors at Teen Vogue. You’ll also get inspired from her mood dressing ways pulled from her travels and daily activities.

3. Brendan Fallis – DJ, Entrepreneur, and Fitness Aficionado


Besides Brendan looking like he could be Paul Newman’s offspring, this guy is the epitome of the classic man with a cool twist. I’m not going to lie, it was his fiancé Hannah Bronfman who brought me to his snaps, but boy am I glad.

Snapchat username: brendanfallis

Type of inspiration: If you are a man and reading this, you can learn a thing or more on how to cherish your woman from this guy (insert heart emojis here). However, you’ll also see the jet-setter provide the dopest tunes to high-end parties for brands like Chanel and MCM. Brendan is also a health nut and has the utmost, healthiest smoothie recipes I’ve seen thus far. He takes very good care of his body and his woman. Totally can’t be mad at that.

4. Monica Rose – Celebrity stylist and haute mommy of two


The stylist who can’t resist an all black ensemble and juggles the mom life with two adorable stylish kids all while creating effortless style for celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Snapchat username: monicarosestyle

Type of inspiration: Monica shares her hardworking team and their whirlwind day to day logistics in the world of styling. It’s not all peaches and cream when the Oscars and fashion week comes around and her team shows that in the most unglamorous yet glamorous way. Does that make sense? or nah? Any who, go follow! She is one of my favorites and she even responded to me about how she styled a bandana one day. How cool. P.S. They are funny as ish!

5. Gaby Dalkin – Chef and CEO of Whatsgabycooking.com


She must be special because this is the second time she has landed on one of my inspiration lists. The chef who’s all over the place literally and figuratively.

Snapchat username: whatsgabycooking

Type of inspiration: She’s like your younger version Rachel Ray – sharing easy 3o minute meals all on Snapchat. From Spring Pea risotto to a BLT pizza, her recipes seem to be attainable and easy going but looks like it took a crew to make it. Not only does she have mad personality and hilarity in her snaps, she does her weekly snapisodes (yes, snapisodes) where she features a new recipe along with a lovely giveaway. I’m like the type to never enter giveaways, but somehow I have managed to enter a couple of hers. See what I mean, snapchat is way more exciting!

6. Catriona Smart – Founder and blogger of Cocoandcowe


I have to thank my good friend Tia for putting me hip to this Canadian sweetheart. Her soft-spoken vibes with exquisite taste will have you rethinking your whole entire life.

Snapchat username: cocoandcowe

Type of inspiration: If you’re a blogger, then you will see how Catriona has certainly climbed the latter of blogger and digital media success. Working with companies from Four Seasons as their brand ambassador to flying across the world to Dubai to help cultivate brands, this woman has a lot to be grateful for. A bonus for following Catriona is seeing her adorable daughter Harlowe speak and dress so cute. Also, it’s a breath of fresh air to see how the Canadians do things.

7. Adrianna Adarme – Chef and Founder of ACozyKitchen


A staple food and dessert blogger who I’ve been following for years.

Snapchat username: acozykitchen

Type of inspiration: Sort of a polar opposite from Gaby, Adrianna has more of a laid-back style in her snaps and recipe sharing videos. She shows more dessert recipes and her sweet moments with her boyfriend and dog. She has become my favorite because she seriously feels like she could be one of my girlfriends in the crew.

8. Marianna Hewitt – Blogger of Life With Me


Youtube guru and neutral outfit-donning babe. A treat to watch on snapchat.

Snapchat username: marianna_hewitt

Type of inspiration: Marianna holds nothing back when it comes to showing you everything she knows. And believe it or not, this girl knows her stuff. Having almost 600,000 followers on IG and who knows on youtube, she has built her following from how to videos and sharing her secrets. I love to see people share the wealth with no worry of giving away too much of the secret sauce. She is super detailed. So yea, follow this beauty!

9. Jamie Beck – Owner and Photographer of Ann Street Studio


Classic beauty meets minimalism meets goofy. Jamie Beck snaps are like watching a silent Charlie Chaplin movie with huge doses of subtle glamour and vintage inspired themes.

Snapchat username: annstreetstudio

Type of inspiration: Jamie Beck and her husband Kevin Burg are a photography and cinemagraphs duo whose snaps (Jamie mainly runs it) are extremely entertaining. They are responsible for editorials like Chanel, Cartier, and Marchesa bridal. If you’re in to photography and cinema, then you’ll witness how Jamie works the photo development in the red room (old school style), their suburban and urban travels, and the MOST upscale dinner parties I’ve ever seen. I promise you will laugh and be amused at her creative snap stories. She really is hilarious.

So there it is, 9 of my favorite snappers. As I was writing this list, I was saying to myself “Shoot, I forgot about this person…and this person”, like Ty from Gorgeous in Grey, Brittany Hampton (former brand ambassador for DVF) #blackgirlmagic, and Emily Schuman from cupcakesandcashmere. This is just a small portion of accounts I love, but they tend to be the first I check when I see them on my timeline. Hope you guys follow. Please share some of your favorite snapchat accounts down in the comments section.

P.S. Are you following me on snapchat?? If not, make sure to follow little ol’ me at fashionwashere. xx

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