6 Coveted Pieces from the Jeanne Damas ‘Rouje’ Collection


If I were to be reincarnated as a french woman, Jeanne Damas would easily be my top choice. She is what you can call the epitome of a French girl capsule. I’ve been following her for so long – that I can’t quite remember how I discovered her. But you would have to be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of her – considering you’re a fashion lover like me. For reference, I’ve posted a lookbook featuring here, here. Damas is a part time model, photographer, and has recently added a designer to her repertoire.

Rouje: a fashion house where Damas describes as a place where sober sophistication meets assumed sensuality has certainly caught plenty of it girls’ attention. Her designs really does a great job representing her personality. After visiting Paris twice, and ultimately making it my favorite place on Earth, I religiously follow all things French. From their effortless philosophy to beauty to their chic and classic style, I am a big fan. So there was no surprise that I would love Jeanne Damas’ collection of relaxed denim and cute accessories. So here I am, sharing my top 6 pieces I absolutely love. Of course there are more, but with a schedule like mine, I am only allotted but so much energy lol.

Check out the 6 coveted pieces from the Rouje Spring Summer collection.

  1.  Claude Safari Jacket: What is a closet without a staple denim piece? I am swooning over this belted version with bold black buttons and outstanding stitching. It sort of screams 70’s.
  2. Gina Dress: A beautiful creation for the woman who loves to feel feminine and pretty. I love the neutral color with the subtle ruffle hem. $190
  3. Paul Waistcoat: This collection really gives me 70’s vibes. This top can easily go for that decade. I fall in love with red just about every week when I see a piece like this.
  4. Rose Leather Belt: Oooohhh, a classic logo belt. Whether it can be meant for R&R or Rouge, it would adapt to any look.
  5. Swan Jeans: A great pair of jeans that are good for most body shapes. Hello front pockets!
  6. Tomas Sweatshirt: Comfy, cute, and chic. My 3 favorite C’s. Who doesn’t need a cool sweatshirt in their collection?
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