5 Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh


Being a creative writer or blogger can be challenging at times. When I first started my blog, my topics consumed celebrity style and fashion trends with very little original content.  It wasn’t until 4 years after starting my blog (2006) when I realized it was missing that personal touch, and so – the site was reborn. When your blog feeds out an organic flow, it really helps penetrate your readers more. With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you can perpetually create top notch content on a strategic flow. Here are 5 ways to keep your content fresh:

1. Incorporate Balance & Variety: If you’re a style blogger with primarily outfit posts, mix in some landscape and scenery images to the line up. For example, if you’re taking pictures near a restaurant or cafe, get a cool shot of the front or maybe the crossing street names to balance out the photography. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, try to implement short and thorough tutorials to guide your readers on how to better their life domestically or even easy tips and hacks.

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2. KISS (Keep it Simple Sister): Another word for simple for me would be minimal. I like clean content with clear and high quality images. Your purpose should be to make statements in the most precise way. One blogger extraordinaire to take note from is Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere with her recurring “5 Things” posts. It’s 5 beautifully curated images of what she is currently loving. It’s simple yet stimulating.

3. Season Trends Forecast: Be mindful of the seasons and transitional seasons when creating your topics and content. We get excited about our favorite times of the year and in result of that, we are constantly looking for inspiration and fashion tips on what to add, keep or discard from our wardrobe or desires. So to assist your followers in shopping for new clothes or buying into certain trends, you should make a post similar to “10 spring trends I’m loving Now” or “The Runway has Predicted These Fall Trends.” It shows that you are more than just someone with an opinion, but that you have also done your research, so they don’t have to – because you’ve already taken care of that for them. Get it?


4. Don’t Have a One Track Mind: Being a fashion blogger shouldn’t have limitations. If you’re usually a lover of style and fashion, then you’re probably also a lover of music and interior decor. So why not, mix in inspiring home decor in your content. The aesthetics of your blog will be immaculate and your viewers will feel happy inside. I admire Christina Zayas from LeCityKitty for her pleasure of music and sharing new tracks with her readers. I’m pretty sure this also grows your readership.


5. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone: In this arena, you can play around with interviews of local artists, or people you admire in the fashion world for your readers. Not only does this fulfill good content, it also helps drive more traffic to your blog. How? The person you’re interviewing will surely share their story with their supporters as well. And voila…you could gain more followers. I would make sure to keep it within your audience’s interests as well as what you truly stand for. But just have fun with it and think of outside of the box, interesting questions.

Bonus: Be yourself! Stay on track and be consistent (something I’m telling myself as well). A good flow of content, whether it be “items under $100” posts or “Get The Look” posts should always be accompanied by a unique image. Something vintage maybe or someone you know in real life.

I hope this lists has helped you, and please share your feedback! xoxo

P.S. These pics were taken by my friend and fellow creator Teena from @Fashion4brkfast. We took these images at Dovecote Cafe on Madison Ave in Baltimore. Make sure to check out this awesome cafe if you’re ever in the area.

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