5 Things You Should do for the Spring Season


Spring cleaning and renewals are essential in all aspects of our lives. It may not be the new year when everyone is making their resolutions to be a better citizen, but that shouldn’t stop you from pressing the reset button on changing and adding some things to your life for some gratification. Take these 5 tips on what to do for the new spring season below. (image via)

1. Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag:


We are all guilty of hoarding old lipsticks and other makeup products from our college days and even high school…eeek!¬†Believe it or not, using expired makeup can be harmful to your skin and also cause eye infections. Who wants a red or itchy eye due to holding on to your 2 yr old mascara for dear life. Unfortunately we dont always know when we first bought something, so it’s important to keep track of that to avoid any irritations. I was able to find a guide via PopSugar for when you should toss your products after opening. (image via)


2. Still Kick Those Negative People Out of Your Life to the Curb:


In the book “Why People Fail: The 16 Obstacles to Success and How You Can Overcome Them,” one of the philosophies was that keeping negative people in your life could possibly hinder your success. It asked to write a list of top qualities you want to see in your friends without thinking too much about it. Just jot them down. After examining that list, do an evaluation of the people in your life and if they dont hold those traits, it may be time to find new friends. Since it’s a new season and still the beginning of the year, it may be a good idea to do a friends cleanse. Some people are just not the right folks to have in your circle. Only positive thinkers and do good-ers. (image via)

3. Finish that Self Help Book:


I am guilty of this too. I will start a book and get so motivated and then out of nowhere…STOP. Sometimes those few chapters were all we needed to kick start our goals and then we allow that book to get dusty with no closure. Why not pick it back up…hell start from the beginning if you need to, and get through those pages. If you dont know where to start, here is a book (above) that has great ratings. I am personally reading “Power Your Happy” by Lisa Sugar and “Why People Fail” by Siimon Reynolds. Self improvement books are meant to get us organized, provide useful tips, become a better version of ourselves, and be that successful person we always dreamed of.

4. By a New All-Purpose Dress:


Get swinging in a new dress for the season. Try a classic yet retro print like this gingham one here. A dress that can work for work and happy hour is a perfect buy and spring is the season to also play with some color to brighten up your mood. Throwing on a new dress will certainly put some pep in your step, especially when it retails for under $50. Buy this dress here.

5. Invest in Some Good Bed Linen:


Some of us forget how good it feels to rub our skin against good quality bedding. A beautiful duvet and sheet set can really complete your bedroom. It may cause you to want to stay peeled to the bed, but hey…it’s the price you paid to have such a luxurious feeling. For Spring, I usually like to switch out my decor to something more airy and appropriate for the season. Either a pretty floral print or nude to white sheets are my choice. I love this duvet set here.

What are some things you’re looking forward to this Spring season?

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