4 Ways to Rock a Slip Dress

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A Throwback Thursday slayage of Carrie Bradshaw seemed suitable for a post like today. Let’s take note from the hit show Sex and the City to fully understand the infinite possibilities in a versatile dress – the slip dress. Not only can you wear it alone (see exhibit A above); but there are far too many options to wear this trend and not get confused. If you had Carrie fever back in the day and still yearn for some of her good ‘fits, then take note to how you can rock one of her coveted pieces 4 ways. From layering it to making it a la 90’s girl vibe, we’re sure you will find a way to the City of the Slip Dress. (image via)


A favorite of mine is layering it under an oversized sweater and letting it peek out from underneath. To make it more appealing, try to find one with a little lace detail like this one from Lulu’s for some pizazz. Shop the sweater here and boots here. (image via)



For an easy office for the more lady like or preppy attire, a crisp white collared shirt will do the trick. Roll up your sleeves for a cool effect and with this look, you can go with fun or chic footwear. Shop the slip dress here, star boots here, and lace up sandals here. (image via)




Be playful with your slip dress. A pink, flirty one with a simple cotton tee underneath screams Clueless vibes. Anything 90’s pretty much goes these days. A pop of yellow works well or you can be more subtle with a white one. Rock this look with a pair of kicks and socks. Shop the tee here. (image via)



A downtown chic look like this one is uber relaxed and stylish. Add an oversized and distressed denim jacket for a cover up on a delicate slip dress, the juxtaposition between the two makes you instantly approachable. Shop the loafers here. (image via)

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