10 Things to Do With Your Bestfriends for the New Year


It’s a new year – and habitually we all set new goals that we hope to stick with for the sake of our resolutions, and sometimes the sake of our broken promises. Most of our development goals are personal, but we also start to coordinate those plans with our friends to ultimately make our bond stronger. With the world getting less crazy, it is vital to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Especially our girlfriends. Since this blog focuses on women and empowering you through style and beauty, friendship and kindness is something we also like to promote. So here are 10 things we suggest doing with your besties for the new year to make your #GirlGang that much more legit. (top image from Girlfriends


Take a Road Trip

A quick road trip might just help to release some stress. It’s budget friendly, inspiring (those good old scenic routes), and yields good conversations with your besties. Let’s not forget the music tunes that will provide a wonderful experience. Just don’t forget the rule: the person driving has full control over the playlist. Okay, okay…maybe that’s just my rule.


Toss or Take: The Closet Clean Out

Grab a bottle of bubbly or 3 and head over to your girlfriend’s house for a good purge session. We all know how bad we can be hoarders, especially when it comes to our clothes and accessories, so what better way to clean out than with some good trustworthy friends. Make sure the numbers are 2 or more so the votes can be substantial. Sometimes a girls night out requires a night in of toss or take.


Try a New Work Out Class

Challenge each other with a new workout regimen. Usually something out of the ordinary that can kick some butt and draw some laughs. Classes like ‘Pound’, that combines the love of fitness, drumming, and music are good ideas. Read more about it here. Trying unfamiliar exercises with your besties is a form of dedication, support, and sharing health awareness with each other. (image via) P.S. Here are a list of 20 fun workout classes.


Doing Each Other’s Hair

Playing hair stylist for your friend can create a sisterly bond, allowing you two to have downtime to talk about whatever and whoever. You know how it is when you go see your stylist, and she doubles as your therapist in some cases? Well if you know your girlfriend is good at braiding or maybe you need your weave out, swinging by her place on an evening can become the best girl talks ever. (image via pinterest)


Tea Party Anyone?

What did we do before all the social media and internet hoopla? We gathered together in our Sunday’s or weekend’s best and indulged in soothing tea and small bites of food. A tea party is classy and cute, and furthermore – the perfect reason to get dressed up and add a hat if you want. What better way to chill with your girls than some sips and chat? (image via)


Have a Themed Photoshoot

Photoshoots can be so much fun. When you have an idea and want to execute it with your girlfriends, you’ll see how many exciting versions of a ‘yes’ you’ll get. Something like an all black, all white or boudoir theme are always easy and acceptable. Taking professional photos with your besties can be a collaborative effort and something you will all have as great memories for years and years. (image via)


Participate in a Cooking Class

If you ever want to see whose good in the kitchen or can barely make toast, then try out a cooking class with your friends…lol. A cooking class is a great learning experience for all. Listening to a chef give tips on how to prepare the perfect risotto or chicken cordon bleu would be a decadence for all. It allows you to lend a helping hand and share interesting cooking stories with each other all white enjoying a yummy feast at the end. (image via pinterest)


Volunteer Work with Friends

A great way to pay it forward for the community and the less fortunate is to volunteer your time. Doing this with your friends can really show each other how important it is to help out together in a group effort. Once you all agree on a project or charity you’re passionate about, join forces and plan out your date. This would be exceptionally memorable and a powerful message to your peers. (image via)


Start a Book Club

This one may be challenging, but you’d be surprised of who is eager to read a certain book and how many of your friends are interested in the same one. Reading is fundamental, right? Whether they are self help books, juicy romance novels, or sci-fi-fiction, starting a book club with your friends opens dialogue and keeps you away from the repetitive conversations. (image via)


Start a Ritual

A ritual is usually a series of something that is consistent. Many of things we do in our friendships are sporadic or done due to holiday and birthday times, but something outside of that shows true commitment. Coming up with a ritual can be as simple as a meet up every month to talk about what your goals are over a cooked meal or going to church every 3rd sunday together. Here are a great list of examples for what other real life girls do for their friendship rituals. (image via pinterest)

And there you have it folks. A list of exhausting things to do with your girls…lol. Just kidding. I hope a few of these ideas are worth adopting within your friendships for a stronger bond. For 2017, I want to experience new things – some for myself and some with my best of friends. So let’s try it out!

Thanks for reading loves. xo

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