10 Hair Tricks & Products to Give You the Best Volume


Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin says “It’s true…volume starts at the roots,” and a clean scalp for those roots is the beginning of perfect, voluminous hair. It’s safe to say our common goal (whether you’re a man or woman) is to avoid limp and lifeless hair. It’s also rather frustrating when we can’t find the right products to give us healthy-looking flowing locks. From beauty bloggers to celebrities and their stylists, we have rounded up 10 tips, tricks, and products for you to try in achieving the #BestHairAward. Let’s see. (images via 1,2,3)

Tip 1: Beauty Blogger Vivian V advises to focus washing your shampoo more on your roots than your ends because you don’t want to wash out too much of the natural oils in your hair. And furthermore, too much shampoo at the ends can dry out your hair and this is typically why we get split ends (and of course not getting trims). She also said she likes to put more of the conditioner on her ends to add moisture and less on her roots. This technique has yielded thicker and fuller hair results for her after washing.

Trick 1: For longer tresses, throwing your hair up in a high, messy bun at night before going to bed will do the trick. When you’re ready to style, let your hair loose and add a volumizing product like the Sally Hershberger plump up spray. Hello new hair! (image via)


Tip 2: Look for products that contain the ingredient filloxane. A hair thickening compound that molecules infiltrate the hair cuticles causing the volume of the hair strands and diameter to increase. Brands like L’Oreal and Redken have released specific products with this ingredient.

Trick 2: Dry Shampoo. So hear me out on this one. I have kinky, AA hair and I always wondered if the dry shampoo myth was real. When I traveled to LA with my bestie, we had a few runs to make before we could really be out and about for some cute moments. Her issue was finding hair clips for length and she felt her hair was oily and dirty. Unfortunately with our texture, we can’t always wash and go, so I recommended dry shampoo. We were both skeptical but she bought some and voila! It worked. It made her scalp cleaner, fresher and added volume. Shop some good ones below.

Tip 3: Christine from xoVain recommends taking supplements. But not just any supplements, she advises us to see our doctor and get blood work done to see what deficiencies we may have in our system. In her case, her hair was growing longer but not thicker. She had a few deficiencies that was causing thinning hair and she started to take more vitamins to help reverse that. Vitamins such as high potency iron (only if you are anemic), vitamin D, B-12, and calcium are typically good for thicker and healthier hair.

Tip 4: Add Hot rollers to your hair for instant volume. This styling process can work for short to long hair. The bigger the rollers, the bigger the hair. Using some with ceramic infused technology like this Con Air set is good to keep hair healthy. You can also use small flexi rods to add more texture in your hair.  (image via)


Trick 3: Celebrity Hair Master Orlando Pita suggests blow-drying your hair upside down to redirect the root for extra volume. Many of us already do this step but an extra tip from him is – after hair is 60 percent dry, flip your head upright and continue to blow-dry while picking up the roots. Bonus tip, add a root boosting spritzer for extra oomph. Shop some below.

Tip 5: Getting a hair cut, trim and even layers adds volume. Something I am working on myself. Layers adds dimension and body to your style, so don’t forget to ask your stylist on your next visit of ways to work in a cut for voluminous hair.

Trick 4: Use a pomade or serum to use your fingers for light pressure to hair. Warming up the product in your hands by rubbing it in your palms and then apply to the roots and a little throughout your hair can add volume. Make sure to scrunch and move hair around gently for  cute style. You can try Ouai’s Matte Pomade.

Trick 5: Change your part. A simple trick that would give your hair a lift and a bonus: a new look! It apparently gives the root more volume. Check out how Rita Ora’s stylist perked her side part and lifted the roots for more pizazz. (image via)


That’s all folks. These are tips and tricks I found to be logical and creative. Some easy and some require more research, but It’ll be all worth it. Shop this story below.

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