10 Best Baltimore Coffee Shops for Work and Study

baltimore coffe shop

After being laid off for 6 months (best and worst time of my life), I went full speed with creating content for the blog, and working on other side projects due to my extra free time. There were days when my cozy 800 sq ft apartment wasn’t fitting the bill in terms of catering to my creative space, mentally and physically. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to stay focused on the task at hand when distractions are lingering around you. And then there are times when you simply need a change of scenery for the better. Coffee shops are my go to. The second option would be a library, but unfortunately they don’t serve coffee and bagels there. It’s also something about the workers at local coffee shops that make you feel at home. Note to self: Make sure these cafes are equipped with free wifi, otherwise you’re simply wasting your time lol. Unless you’re there to read a book.

Now back to what I did with my free time – I finally got to explore more places outside of my local Starbucks and Barnes & Nobles. The community centric coffee shops with character, mainly carry local-sourced food brands. They even chat up great conversations with you as you take your breaks (building relationships are key). Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or writer, it’s nothing like getting work done in a stress free environment, so here are 10 Coffee shops that you would enjoy while getting the job done.

1. Bun Shop

baltimore coffee shop2

Loftlike, late-night cafe for filled buns like piroshki & empanadas, plus Vietnamese coffee. BYOB.

A coffee shop open later than most clubs, you may find that the Bun Shop can get crowded at times, but it is still super mellow. What I mostly love about this place is the moody aesthetic (you can catch me in there on late nights) and the music. The small bites and sandwiches here are good and the staff are usually friendly.

2. Ceremony Coffee Roasters

baltimore coffee shop3

Ceremony Coffee is housed in Mt. Vernon with a minimal and modern design accompanied with great natural lighting. A wide array of coffee beans all the way from East Africa and Arabia to the Americas. I love this place because they have tons of seating options and kick ass coffee. You won’t be disappointed once you slide in here for a work session.

3. Park Cafe & Coffee Bar

baltimore coffee shop4

Formerly a carriage house, Park Cafe is nestled on the corner of McMechen and Bolton St in the Bolton Hill area. This place is certainly community driven and extremely welcoming to their customers. You can also find MICA students frequent here to get their adrenaline pumping for classes or just to do homework. I love to come here for the affogato.

4. On the Hill Cafe

baltimore coffee shop5

This Baltimore Staple may be one of the oldest out of my list. On the Hill (located in the heart of Bolton Hill) has a pretty extensive food menu; from it’s delicious burgers to breakfast sandwiches to tamale cakes, you should definitely enjoy it with an iced coffee or your choice of beverage. This place can get a little packed and seating can be limited. If you’re lucky, there is also outside seating to bask in the sun while working.

5. Dovecote Cafe

baltimore coffee shop6

Although Dovecote has been around for a short period of time, they have gained a huge loyal following in the Reservoir Hill and Baltimore area pretty fast. It certainly feels like home when you step into the atmosphere of this rowhome style coffee cafe. The food is amazing and the decor is superb. The owners Aisha Pew, her partner Cole, and mom Gilda may even stop by your table for a little chat to get to know you. It is a family oriented place for sure.

6. Artifact Coffee

baltimore coffe shop

A coffee, espresso & tea bar with delicious bites located in Hampden is another one of my favorite getaway spots. Pictured above is me having an iced coffee and croissant and enjoying every bit of it. Artifact Coffee is a Rustic coffeehouse in a reclaimed factory building serving locally sourced & seasonal light bites.

7. Order & Chaos

baltimore coffee shop7

There isn’t enough great things I can say about Order & Chaos. The only disadvantage for me would be the location, but because I LOVE it so much, I don’t mind coming to this coffee shop located on Key Highway. The energy, the aesthetic and the espressos are to die for. It totally makes sense why this place is my favorite since it’s owned by a creative ad agency which shares the same building. The  customer service is top notch. I can sit here for hours and work; sometimes I even work on my flatlays because the lighting is so good. P.S. make sure you get a picture in the front.

8. Spro Coffee

baltimore coffee shop8

A quaint oldie but goodie for me. Spro Coffee is located on W. 36th street in Hampden and serves as a peaceful, Parisian-esque coffee shop. The only downfall is they dont have free wifi but this may have changed since I’ve been there. The coffee is extremely high quality and they have the best desserts like macarons and muffins. I love to come here to read a book, work on my laptop, or spend time with a friend.

9. Koffee Therapy

baltimore coffee shop9

I have never tried this spot, but the ratings were pretty good, so I decided to include it in my list. From the looks of it, the scene at Koffee Therapy seems extra cozy. From the website it states, “Whether you’re a downtown employee taking a lunch break, a mom relaxing during her child’s music recital, or a student cramming in some extra study time.” Be mindful though, the hours are very limited at this place. No late evenings or Sunday openings.

10. Red Emma’s

Red Emma's Bookstore & Cafe, June 18, 2009.  Kristine Buls/410-303-7108

Another  coffee shop favorite that’s nearby and centrally located in Baltimore is Red Emma’s. It is a radical bookstore, vegetarian restaurant and a coffee roaster and a space for public events.

Hope you guys can take something from the list for the next time you need a home away from to get some work done or just decompress with a cup of jo. If you have any coffee shop favorites, please share them in the comments. I would love to check them out.

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