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Winter Golfing Session with Catherine Wingate

/ January 23, 2015


Catherine Wingate pink polo top and leggings c/o, Madewell baseball cap, Converse Chuck Taylors, Laguna Pearl stud earrings c/o

Well not exactly, but golf has always been a sport I’ve wanted to learn. Any physical activity that helps with concentration and building brain power is a good thing for me. We are all aware of the sport and how it is predominantly male, but we also have awesome (and might I add HOT) female golfers like Zakiya Randall and Michelle Wie that should get us ladies motivated to play! (more…)

I’m Not Getting a Haircut but…Or Maybe

/ January 22, 2015


Most of you may know that I am currently rockin’ a weave right now. Let’s say it’s about 5 to 6 inches longer than my real hair. As much as I love long hair (*insert “long hair don’t care”* motto), I don’t particularly care for becoming a slave to the extensions. (more…)

Knock My Socks Off

/ January 19, 2015


Vintage coat, LOFT Ann Taylor sweater, Calvin Klein skirt, American Apparel Sheer Patterned Socks, Zara pumps, Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, Laguna Pearl pearl earrings c/o 

Remember when I spoke about these fun and adorable patterned socks by American Apparel here?  Well I had to get me a pair. I usually don’t wear ankle socks with heels but these cuties had to be seen – wouldn’t you agree? (more…)

Slayage 2.0

/ January 16, 2015





13 Best Dressed at The Golden Globes 2015

/ January 12, 2015






Ugh, I’m super late posting my favorites from The Golden Globes last night. Since I didn’t get to tune in until tonight, I am just seeing the annihilations done by my fav gals on the red carpet. Honestly, so many people killed it at the Awards, that it was impossible for me to name only 13. I could’ve easily added about 5 more, but because it’s late and I’m super tired, I had to keep it simple and cute. So check out the rest of my most admired looks at the Golden Globes 2015.


Shala Monroque at The Apartment



Shala Monroque and Garance Dore working together is a recipe for ultra chicness and serious sublimeness. I admire both women – from their refined styles to their ability to keep things fresh and interesting. (more…)

Cranberry Frosting

/ January 8, 2015


Club Monaco Christy moto jacket, Madewell Silk Spotlight Shirt, H&M pants, Alice & Olivia Dina pumps, Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, Vintage hat (similar style here and here)

All black with a little cranberry ain’t never hurt nobody. I’m still on my all black tip, and not sure if I’ll ever stop. A splash of color is always a good idea though. (more…)

More Shoes Please: Alexa Wagner Collection

/ January 6, 2015


With my blurry vision and overzealous online window shopping, I came across a shoe ad with a design that was simply impeccable. At first sight, I thought it said Alexander Wang (let’s blame this on shared similar letters and my need to always wear glasses), but then I noticed I was mistaken. I can’t say that I’ve heard of Italian shoe designer Alexa Wagner until last week. I couldn’t even tell you what shoe it was, but I immediately started to do my research to see what this chick was all about. (more…)

Currently Coveting: Sheer Patterned Socks

/ December 30, 2014


Take me back to my childhood days why don’t you? When I wasn’t old enough to tell my mom to stop with the polka dot sheer socks with patent leather Mary Janes or a pair of plaid, silly ones thrown together with a holiday dress because she thought you looked so adorable. Isn’t it ironic how things you cringed about in the past or maybe things you had no control over is now the most thing you crave? (more…)

Neutrals with a Pop of Pink

/ December 26, 2014


Quell Collections satin baseball cap, SheInside sweater, Madewell jeans, Zara pumps, Asos Midi Wool Coat, Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel Bag, Melody Ehsani domino earrings c/o

After Christmas comes new memories, cherished gifts, and more sales. I’m currently in North Carolina with my family and the weather is absolutely beautiful. I wore this outfit with my new turtleneck, cable-knit sweater last week when the temperatures were low. (more…)