Best Looks at Elle’s 23rd Annual Women in Hollywood Awards

/ October 26, 2016


Women, women everywhere. When it involves acknowledging the fierceness behind celebrities who thrive in their craft, we love to stay glued to the beautiful garments for such amazing events. Elle Magazine celebrated their 32nd annual Women in Hollywood Award ceremony on Monday and a bevy of A-list stars were on deck. (more…)

Flourish Your Crown With These Botanical Hair Products



I’m going to go off the record when I say this, but I have no clue what brand my stylist uses when washing and conditioning my hair. I’m ashamed – but I want to make sure my confession doesn’t leave this site; as it is only between me and you. I mean…I peak here and there, but I’m in no way particular as I was back in the day. Part of the reason I’m now deciding to focus on hair products and specifically ones that contain bursting botanicals is for my near-future hair journey I plan to embark. I’ve been natural for almost a decade (more…)

10 White Sneakers You Didn’t Know You Could Dress Up

/ October 19, 2016


Being a woman can be quite laborious and many of us serve each day to the fullest in order to see the fruits of our labor. From being moms to girl bosses to dealing with improving our health, we carry a lot of weight on our shoulders. My style blog is here to recognize you and furthermore, provide you with style and comfort solutions for the every day bustle. (more…)

Flutter Shoulders

/ October 17, 2016


Shein Ruffle Off The Shoulder Blouse, H&M Pants, Pendleton Blazer (similar here), Vintage Belt, Schutz Slate Shoes, Madewell Clutch, Jimmy Choo Andie Sunglasses

Can you blame me for taking advantage of this past weekend’s weather by wearing my newest off-the-shoulder, flutter blouse? I initially wore it in Atlanta to a dinner date with my girlfriends at Kevin Rathbun Steak. It’s always sunny weather there but we hit a 75 degree forecast in Baltimore and it felt like summer all over again. Of course I stepped out with some outerwear – deciding on my preppy plaid blazer to avoid getting sick. I love to mix a subtle plaid print with a bolder one, it really adds texture and depth to your look if I do say so myself. (more…)

7 of the Best Face Masks to Revive Your Skin Through Winter

/ October 13, 2016


We may be approximately 2 months away from winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing your skin for some much needed TLC. When temperatures drop, our skin starts to act like a neglected child who needs attention, and we all know how that can go. Face masks are plentiful in the beauty market, but how do we know which ones are right for our skin types. We focused on the ones that are winter-proof and jam packed with essentials that will nourish, hydrate the skin, and then some. Check out these 7 face masks that will take your skin from dull to an awakened flower. (more…)

7 BFF Movie Clips That Will Make You Chuckle

/ October 11, 2016


*Cues Dionne Warwick* “Keep smiling, keep shining. Knowing you can always count on me, for sure. That’s what friends are for.” Can a song be any more fitting for what I’m about to say here? In real life, we have best friends we call sisters, girlfriends we can call on when we need a good laugh, a road trip, or just to vent. Movies can give us that entertaining piece of the moments we’ve had with our BFF’s and possibly what moments we would love to recreate with our very own crew (Hello Abu Dhabi.) It’s the times when we are transparent with each other, laugh and cry with each other, and goof off until we have tears in our eyes that make friendships last. Sisterhood comes in all forms, and in my opinion, these 7 scenes all have something special. You may be familiar with some of these movie clips, but I just ask that you check them out to get a good laugh and think of the silly and comical moments we’ve had in our lives. (more…)

Get into these Fall 2016 Beauty Trends

/ October 5, 2016


The runway showed some of everything this season – and we can’t forget about the trends from Fall 2016 since they usually set the tone for what’s to come. While I enjoyed everything from the graphic eye liners to the punky makeup looks, I wanted to reveal the ones that are more approachable for the girl-next-doors, and the ladies who love a good ‘wow factor’ exhibit when it comes to their beauty. (more…)

Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ is Soul Music For Us

/ October 2, 2016


Beware of my female powers that usually stays hidden or laid under the surface favoring the path to keep my content lighthearted and happy. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind nor have I ever been one to not seek more for the soul which ultimately brings me wisdom. Beyond question, music – from its melodies to its lyrics, has always fed my soul. Reading books comes second but music is really my world. Okay, so now that I got that out of the way, I had no idea I would be eager to write a review on Solange’s third full album ‘A Seat at the Table‘ since most of my usual content is fashion and beauty related.  Released Friday morning, I woke up to a handful of text messages in my group chat about how amazing it was. Receiving ooohhs and ahhhs and emotional reactions from my friends. I made no sound or comment until I listened with my own ears. And I did at approximately 9:30am. (more…)

Batter Up

/ September 29, 2016


Madewell Jacket, Missguided Bodysuit, Vintage Levi Jeans, Penelope Flats, Quell Collections Baseball Cap

A little cleavage never hurt nobody. The silly in me almost forgot that straps can be adjusted so some of these photos were taken before I fixed my top. Oops. I like to mix up sporty casual with sensual luxe. A satin baseball cap (which is my obsession by the way) can ultimately water down a sexy top but still maintain a chic factor. (more…)

Georgine Spring 2017 RTW




I love to see the growth and creative range in designers who have been in the game for a short amount of time. There’s been a plethora of fairly new designers who’s been showing at Fashion Week for the past few years, but I have to say Georgine’s body of work is proving to stand the test of time. She continuously keeps her supporters on the edge of their seats with period pieces that channel eras from the 70’s, and 80’s. (more…)