Treason Toting Co Goes to Capsule

treason Is it possible to have a bag that offers style, function, and quality? Well of course it’s brands out there really using their heads to provide us travelers and jetsetters a line of goods that will help us appreciate life more and make our daily functions easier. I know it’s painful to see some of us purchase accessories we believed in our mind, and by first and second glance would serve us some good, but in the end let us down with unpleasurable defects or a lack of classic holding power. But a brand like Treason Toting Company promises a specific and detailed travel essential bag for people who want the form, function, and quality. They describe their style as sophisticated grit and high quality goods domestically manufactured in the USA. Jason Bass and Aaron Jones joined forces to create pieces that ultimately attract the creative individual who wants simplicity in the most stylish form.

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shirtdress H&M shirtdress (old), Club Monaco Christy moto jacket (similar), Madewell scarf, Zara booties, Micheal Kors watch

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I stored this jacket away. Granted, it’s summer time and temperatures are reaching 100 degrees, but it’s surprising that I haven’t found a reason to wear my favorite jacket at least for a night run. Continue reading

Homemade Thin Crust Pizza with Fresh Mozarella


Yes, I am a certified foodie. I love many spices, ingredients, and toppings on top of traditional foods as well as unique foods. So it is no surprise that I am a true pizza lover. When I see or hear the word artisanal, I usually jump right at it because I figure the food will not only be flavorful but have the best of the best ingredients. Pizza is definitely one of the most versatile foods out there. Whether you like New York style, deep dish Chicago style, meat lovers, thin crust, etc. – there is something for everyone. I love pizza so much that I gave my first attempt at making my own homemade thin crust style pizza with some basic yet fun toppings. I followed this dough recipe and bought the pizza sauce, since I knew the dough would be the hardest part. Not trying to fail completely, you know? However, it came out magnifique! It was very delicious and I devoured it super fast! thincrust2 thincrust3 thincrust4 thincrust5 thincrust6 Continue reading

Flirty Crochet

bluelaceskirt American Apparel crop top, BB Dakota crochet skirt, Brian Atwood Tribeca sandals, Missguided Kezia Circle sunnies, Banana Republic clutch (cute style here)

Wouldn’t you agree accessorizing with tan, brown, and nude tones just makes total sense? It’s a great neutral for anything between all black ensembles to denim on denim looks to all over prints. Continue reading