Beauty Report: Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

/ February 10, 2016


Last time I spoke about face oils was here, and it turned out to be one of my most pinned posts to date. While I always knew beauty oils were all the rage, I never got to personally co-sign on this claim until now. The last time I tried an oil on my face, it was a disaster. By the third day, my skin started to breakout in fine bumps which forced me to stop immediately. It was an organic rosehip oil I purchased on Amazon that had pretty great results, but unfortunately it didn’t perform so well for me. For someone with semi-sensitive and extremely dry skin (especially in the winter), I needed to hone in on just a few products that were beneficial to my skin and worth the bucks.

So here is where I introduce to you guys, my new favorite beauty product of all time. Seriously, NO EXAGGERATION. Per usual, I visited my local Sephora to buy my Boscia Clear Complexion kit and to my sad surprise, it was discontinued. I had a light panic attack because I knew I couldn’t afford each product separately at the full size and I needed to figure something out quick. Luckily, three was a Boscia rep on site that day who recommended the Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil after asking me a series of questions about my skin type and problems. (more…)

Colorblocking in Cancun

/ February 8, 2016


Nasty Gal Bodysuit, Forever 21 Skirt, Tibi Bee Mules, Onecklace Nameplate Necklace

And here are more pictures from my fun-tastic trip to Cancun. I went with a little color blocking ensemble with my comfy red Tibi mules. Whenever I do color, I like to have pink in the mix. Nope, there’s no pink in my actual outfit, but these fuchsia pink walls at the resort were just enough bubble brightness for me and my look. (more…)

Knix Wear for V-Day

/ February 6, 2016


Valentine’s Day is undeniably the number one holiday where us women search for eye-dropping, mouth watering, dance in his pants intimates. In the last couple of years, I have stepped up my grown lady status with pretty lacey things, and I continue to explore different bra types, special panties, and the cool amount of brands that pop up. Recently, I came across Knix Wear, a Canadian Brand that has tapped into the advanced technology for women and their underwear. Overall, it is an athletic brand, but there are definitely choices for sexy occasions such as Valentine’s Day. (more…)

Heart-Fluttering Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her & Him

/ February 4, 2016


Valentine’s Day is for lovers and friends. Hopefully Cupid shot the bow your way, so you can hopefully enjoy this post. Ha! There are plenty of thoughtful gifts that can be done at home or bought from stores across the world. I typically like to round up a few of my favorite items of the moment for you guys to shop from. (more…)

Canopy Beds on the Beach



Wearing Asos 70’s Plunge One Piece (similar style here)

How does it feel after you leave vacation? Does it inspire you, depress you or maybe even both? I’ve had my share of vacations, and have noticed the energizer bunny making its appearance each time. When I was younger, I felt sad – as if reality sucked that bad. But now, I take it as a motivational driving force. A pusher that hopefully leads me in the right direction to take more international trips. I just left Cancun, Mexico with some close friends. We stayed on a beautiful resort for 5 days and 4 nights. (more…)

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Silver Slippers

/ January 29, 2016

silver CAMMILA_SILVER_52384-1

The amazing smoking Cammila smoking slipper is by far one of my favorite flats so far. (more…)

Barbie’s Evolution


barbie barbie2

Growing up, Barbie was everything to me. Okay, I can give the Cabbage Patch Doll some credit too, however Miss Barbie was my world when it came to gifts for the Holidays and Birthdays. As a child, I didn’t realize the lack of color or diversity the collection had and frankly I didn’t know any better. (more…)

Beauty Report: What’s New for My Beach Trip

/ January 27, 2016

makeup makeup2

We just experienced one of the worst blizzards in history on the East Coast, so this has inched up my itch to leave for vacation quite a bit. I’m leaving for Mexico in a few days, and today I squandered a little on beauty products. I’d like to think I stepped up my grown-girl make up game- and I can’t wait to sure with you lovelies what I bought. There are some splurges and deals I got from Sephora, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Lush, and TJ Maxx.

Because I’ll be in the tropical area, I wanted a pretty, dewy and bronzy look. I bought a bronzer trio by Ellen Tracy for $5.99 at TJ Maxx. I haven’t tried it yet, so once I do, I will make sure to post pics on here and my Instagram page. I am also switching up my foundation from Make Up Forever HD to Nars Sheer Glow foundation (which I think I will love more.) To go with my dewy skin, my Haute Cocoa lipgloss from Victoria’s Secret will be the perfect shade (sort of a nude) to seal everything together. I had to grab a cute make up bag, since I lost mine along with my makeup a few months ago.  (more…)

How to Dress for a Snow Blizzard

/ January 22, 2016

snowstorm5 snowstorm snowstorm4

I am not the best at dressing for the weather, mainly because I don’t check it in enough time to put on the proper armor for it. I’m either lacking a scarf, a hat, and sometimes the wrong shoes. This year will be a different story. I plan to bundle up, however in the chicest yet casual style ever. From geometric blanket scarves to fluffy ear muffs, style for the snow can be a burst of variety. Browse and shop the story below. (more…)

In My Flares

/ January 18, 2016


River Island moto jacket, Gap turtleneck, Guess Sonia Flare Jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Dina Pumps, J.Crew Bucket Bag, Treason Toting Co Tote, Quay Australia Sunglasses

A classic look can still be a mixture of your favorite trends. In this case, I am wearing four of my current favorite trends right now: stripes, flare jeans, moto jackets, and 90’s style bucket bags. A pop of color is usually a good idea, and over the weekend I felt like adding a little coral/pink into the mix. Overall, my weekend was pretty well spent – I went to the Styled by James Tour at South Moon Under that was much fun, talking celebrity red carpet style with some of my fav fashion blogger friends. (more…)