Drink This: Watermelon, Mint, & Cucumber Juice


With the summer bringing humid and hot temperatures, it’s imperative that we stay hydrated. I believe in taking care of yourself inside and out and with the latest juicing, clean eating lifestyle we’ve seen all over Instagram, social media, etc., I had to put my foot into my own delicious concoctions and recipes. Something refreshing, simple, and my style was what I desperately needed. I recently bought a Nutribullet and decided on a smoothie that epitomizes summer – and a drink that includes watermelon, cucumber, and mint with a few drops of lemon juice was the perfect remedy. After drinking it, I felt full and rejuvenated.  watermelon watermelon3 watermelon4 watermelon5 watermelon6

I used a quarter size of a watermelon, 5 pieces of mint leaves, a half of cucumber and about a tablespoon of lemon juice. Next time, I will add some cane sugar but overall it was very tasty and best of all healthy!

Treason Toting Co Goes to Capsule

treason Is it possible to have a bag that offers style, function, and quality? Well of course it’s brands out there really using their heads to provide us travelers and jetsetters a line of goods that will help us appreciate life more and make our daily functions easier. I know it’s painful to see some of us purchase accessories we believed in our mind, and by first and second glance would serve us some good, but in the end let us down with unpleasurable defects or a lack of classic holding power. But a brand like Treason Toting Company promises a specific and detailed travel essential bag for people who want the form, function, and quality. They describe their style as sophisticated grit and high quality goods domestically manufactured in the USA. Jason Bass and Aaron Jones joined forces to create pieces that ultimately attract the creative individual who wants simplicity in the most stylish form.

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